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Migdalia “Miggy” Cancel: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 7

Keep up with Miggy Cancel’s journey in Biggest Loser season nine. Each week will update each contestant’s weight loss, as well as accomplishments, videos, and more.

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miggy biggest loserAge 47

Hometown Pemberton, NJ

Occupation Chef

Team Color Green

Teammate Migdalia Sebren, daughter

Starting Weight 240

Finale Weight 149

Total Loss -91

Family Divorced, 3 Adult Children, 2 Grandchildren


  • Underwent emergency surgery for an appendectomy and removal of a cyst and mass during week 5. Did not jeopardize her position on the ranch.

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Mini Bio

Migdalia “Miggy” Cancel grew up in New York, but relocated with her mother and stepfather to Puerto Rico as a teenager. She was married and divorced by the age of 17. She tried her best to “never cry for the kids or for myself.” Miggy’s weight has fluctuated as much as her career changes. Her former occupations have included working as a farmer, ceramic technician, hairdresser and, most recently, a chef. She was also a special unit police officer in Puerto Rico where she was awarded “Police Officer Woman of the Year” four times. More than anything, Miggy wants to show and prove to the Hispanic community that it is possible to lose weight and be healthy.

Other Spellings Migdaila, Magdalia, Migdala, Migy, Maggy, Council, Cancell, Canccel

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December 15th, 2009