Luminous Renewal Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Luminous Renewal is an eye serum made to treat all kinds of aging signs. Intended benefits include increased hydration at a reasonable price.

There are 2 websites which market this brand and they both add how it’s natural and made to create results similar to other more expensive brands. The claimed results are less dry skin without the fear of itchiness, redness, or irritation. In reviewing anti-aging formulas our review experts found that Kremotex was the best overall. Its natural ingredients and potent additives can protect against the environment and reserve aging. Follow the link here to learn more about Kremotex.

Luminous Renewal Ingredients and Side Effects

No ingredients list is featured anywhere. Though there are 2 websites offered, both fail to mention but a couple ingredients. You’re unable to determine for yourself what’s added, in what amount, or whether or not any of the ingredients may cause sensitivities.

Here’s a list of the known ingredients mentioned, but it’s clear some are missing:

Hyaluronic Acid Argireline

 Hyaluronic Acid: Natural chemical found in the body’s tissues. It helps to support comfortable movement as well as reduce inflammation.

Studies on its effects for improving skin health are limited. It’s unknown if this is beneficial or not.

In some people it may lead to allergic reactions.

The intended effects are a binding of moisture to help block out harmful UV rays, as well as promote hydration. It’s also claimed to be useful for all skin types, whether fair or dark.

For our experts list of the top ranked anti-aging formulas out, follow the link provided here.

Argireline: Synthetic additive used to get rid of wrinkles similar to Botox. It works by getting rid of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. In its chemical form it causes muscles to restrict their movement, so as to not allow facial features.

No double blind studies have been performed to help prove this additive would be safe and effective. Without these kinds of trials you’d be unable to determine whether or not you should use this, of if anyone can use it safely.

The Derm has said:

“you should never start any skin regimen without first talking to your doctor”

Supplement has also said:

“there’s still some controversy over how it works or even if it works as advertised”

It’s likely that injectable Botox would have an effect, but this weaker version which is topical might not produce any anti-aging benefits.

Because of the potentially extreme nature of this ingredient, it’s advised to take it with caution. Botox is a toxin that has been known to potentially cause serious side effects. It’s unknown if this weaker version would be safe to use.

Follow the link provided here to see a list of the best anti-aging formulas.

Luminous Renewal Quality of Ingredients

There’s more ingredients added to this which are not mentioned. Without the entire ingredients list there’s no way to verify if this would be safe, effective, and priced fairly.

Only 2 additives are mentioned, one of which is lacking enough studies to ensure it would be healthy and good for improving skin.

There’s also no notice on whether or not these 2 ingredients are still added to Luminous Renewal.

Much more information needs to be presented before being able to make an accurate judgement call on the overall quality.

The Price and Quality of Luminous Renewal  

The cost is unknown as the 2 listed websites which advertise this brand both redirect to another different anti-wrinkle formula. Companies that do this make it impossible for anyone to truly learn about the value of a product.

It’s unclear why they go out their way to market Luminous Renewal, while also failing to actually list the actual price.

Even if you were to want to purchase this, you’d be redirect to an entirely different product. The only thing you can go on are the marketing claims and use of 2 ingredients often found in other formulas. Follow the link cited here to view our experts list of the most effective anti-aging formulas.

Business of Luminous Renewal

A unique thing exists in dealing with this company. As mentioned they have 2 websites which both redirect to another product that is unaffiliated with Luminous Renewal.

The company pages offer detailed claims about the benefits of this brand, but they fail to list any relevant information to prove it’s actually effective to use. There are different marketing materials available online, yet you’d be unable to learn more about this brand other than its two claimed ingredients.

No money back guarantee policy is offered, and it’s unclear whether or not they still produce this. Click the link here to see a comprehensive list of the very best anti-aging formulas.

There is a Better Bureau Listing which has them ranked at overwhelming negative complaints. This has caused them to have an ‘F’ rating. Consumers had this to say:

“I cancelled the orders but they still ended up charging me”

“I am out $174.68 with nothing to show for it”

No positive reviews were featured, only complaints. The webpages have no contact information which is cause for concern. Companies who engage in this practice are often trying to distant themselves from their troubled history, in order to continue making sales off a product not backed by a guarantee. This is likely why 5 users have complained about the company.

Customer Opinions of Luminous Renewal

While there were negative reviews against the company practices, there were no reviews on the actual product itself. Only one person added how it did nothing for them, the rest of the reviews are due to the lack of a money back guarantee and lack of customer support.

Without any kind of opinions you’re unable to determine whether or not this has actually produced real effects. You’re also unable to figure out if there were any side effects, and if so what kinds.

Our review experts have crafted a comprehensive list featuring the best anti-wrinkle formulas out.

Conclusion – Does Luminous Renewal Work?

Figuring out whether or not this would be effective is impossible. Only 2 ingredients are mentioned, and the company has failed to provide any scientific information about the formula. Only claims are provided without any real evidence. There’s also the strange issue of there being 2 official websites which redirect to a completely different product. Also, there are only negative reviews from users who complained about the company practices. Some added that they were unable to make a return, and that the company engages in shady automatic billing practices.

In reviewing all kinds of anti-aging formulas, our review experts concluded the best overall is Kremotex. It combines all natural ingredients that include regenerating apple stem cells, shea butter, and macadamia oils. These ingredients have been shown to boost overall skin health, and also help rebuild any broken down collagen.

Users have provided impressive testimonials and before and after photos which show how effective it works. It can help get rid of fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone, crow’s feet, and wrinkles of any kind. Discover more about how Kremotex works by clicking on the link here.

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