Indian Railways to Offer Diet-Friendly Options

TrainTraveling by air or train easily turns into a diet nightmare as unhealthy snacks and fast food dominates airports, train stations and dinning cars. But Indian Railways is breaking away from this trend, and will soon introduce a simple and healthy menu to passengers. The new menu is designed to accommodate people with allergies and those who are counting calories.

The transportation company introduced diabetic meals in October of 2010, which were extremely well-received. “The sugar-free diet has scored a huge hit among those who have been strictly instructed by their doctors to consume less calories. We hope diet food will solve the crisis for passengers with ailments and those who are wary of spicy food,” said a senior railway official.

The catering service that provides meals for Indian Railways has already introduced one diet option, consisting of moog dal combined with jeera rice, lauki tomato curry, rajma masala, curd and green salad. The new menu will also offer more options for those who are lactose intolerant. In trains that have a dinning car, passengers will be able to order foods cooked to their dietary specifications.

We applaud these efforts and hope more transportation companies will follow suit.


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