DermaLastyl Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

DermaLastyl is a new skin care product that is designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help improve users’ collagen production. DermaLastyl’s advertising claims that it relaxes the facial muscles while simultaneously improving skin tautness, color, and texture, helping customers appear younger and healthier. DermaLastyl says that it can also reduce the appearance of dark spots and red patches as it increases natural shine.

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DermaLastyl Ingredients and Side Effects

DermaLastyl does not choose to publish their complete ingredients list online. The most reputable companies are proud to display not only their full active and inactive ingredients lists, but often their dosage amounts as well. They do highlight some of their product’s active ingredients including:

Elastatropin Matrixyl-3000
Hyaluronic Acid Argireline

 Elastatropin: A highly experimental ingredient that is designed to mimic skin cell function and increase wound healing.

Elastatropin was initially developed for military applications to help aid soldiers wounded in battle, however cosmetics companies have jumped onto the new chemical in an attempt to exploit its recent success.

In the recent excitement about elastotropin it seems that many companies have forgotten that there is no long-term data about the safety of elastotropin use, especially on a regular basis.

Elastotropin was designed to have extreme effects over a short period of time and was never intended to be part of a daily skin care routine. Some of the initial scientists that studied it have even issued some cautions about its effects, especially in regards to its interactions with other proteins and the production of insoluble fibers.

Matrixyl-3000: A combination of palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and palmitoyl oligopeptide that is thought to help stimulate collagen synthesis.

Matrixyl-3000 is potentially helpful for the skin’s metabolism and protein processing and is thought to be safe for human use. There are no known side effects associated with Matrixyl-3000.

Hyaluronic Acid: A naturally occurring chemical in the body that is found in the joints, eyes, and skin. It is a part of our tissue’s cushioning and elasticity and is thought to be safe and side effect free for most users.

Argireline: A trendy new ingredient in some cosmetic products that bills itself as a healthy alternative to Botox.

Argireline works by releasing catecholamines, a form of neurotransmitter that promotes tissue relaxation. The theory is that the argireline is applied topically, then it soaks into the skin and muscles, relaxing them and thus reducing the wrinkles that come from facial expressions.

The problem with this is that there is a reason Botox and other chemicals are injected directly into the muscles: because most topical ointments don’t penetrate that far. It is unlikely that much catecholamine reaches the muscles themselves, and so it mostly just stays in the skin.

This is an issue because as more extensive information about the long term effects of argireline are coming out we’re seeing more and more cases where the catecholamine actually relaxes the skin too much, causing it to sag. This ironically begins to create the exact problem that many users are taking argireline to try to combat.

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DermaLastyl Quality of Ingredients

DermaLastyl has a highly unique combination of ingredients, however that is not necessarily a good thing. They use mostly new compounds that have very little data available about either their effectiveness or their long-term safety.

Some of their additives, like Matrixyl-3000, our team of wellness experts are optimistic about. Matrixyl-3000 has shown the potential to increase collagen production, which is the fundamental building block of the skin, and there are yet to be any signs of negative consequences connected to it.

Elastotropin is a very questionable ingredient at this point in time. It has shown tremendous aptitude at battlefield wound healing, however most of the time ingredients with that kind of power also have some other effects associated with them.

Just because we don’t know what those are at this juncture does not mean that there won’t be any in the future, and indications are there will be some effects regarding healthy tissue manufacturing.

Argireline, however, is our experts’ least favorite ingredient in this list. It has gained some popularity due to the “safe Botox” label, however that seems to be inaccurate on several counts. Even if argireline is effective as it is indicated for, it is doing nothing to improve skin health, its just making wrinkles temporarily less visible. This short-term visual effect may actually have real long term consequences that make users look older – the opposite of the reason that most of them are using this product in the first place.

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The Price and Quality of DermaLastyl

DermaLastyl is available through their own website and through a number of third-party retailers. In general, their prices are fairly consistent and similar to this:

  • 1, 2.1 oz. jar of DermaLastyl skin cream: $69.00

DermaLastyl says that 2.1 oz. is enough to last most users between one and two months. This is far higher than the price of most over the counter moisturizers and skin care products, despite the fact that there is very little evidence of the product’s effectiveness.

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Business of DermaLastyl

DermaLastyl is both the name of the product and the name of the company. They list their contact information online as:

Phone Number: (212) 239-2339

Address: 372 5th Ave

New York, NY 10016

Email: DermaLastyl does not have an email address available online, nor is there a customer comment form for electronic communications.

DermaLastyl is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and they only have a one-star rating on Yelp. There are no indications that there are any lawsuits or legal actions filed against DermaLastyl at this time.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of DermaLastyl

There are very few third party reviews of DermaLastyl online. Of the ones there are, many are similar to these:

“Caviar is cheaper than this overpriced junk. Save your money for a product that actually does what it says it will.”

“I may be crazy, but after a few weeks of using DermaLastyl I think my face is starting to sag worse than it did before. Is this possible? Help!

“What a load of garbage. I got suckered in by the advertising for this stuff, but after using the whole jar my face is just as wrinkly as ever.”

The most frequent complaint from customers was about the ineffectiveness of the product, however there were almost as many complaints about its price. There were also some customers who complained about side effects similar to the user above who felt like DermaLastyl actually made their facial skin sag more after using the product for some time than before they began.

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Conclusion – Does DermaLastyl Work?

Given the highly untested nature of some of DermaLastyl’s ingredients it is tempting to say that it is uncertain at this time if it is an effective product or not. However even if all of its newer ingredients work as well as their manufacturers indicate, it would still be a substandard product from a skin health perspective.

It could potentially be an effective cosmetic product, helping the face appear better for a short period of time without actually changing anything about it structurally, however it could also potentially worsen many of the conditions that it is indicated to improve.

Not only that, but it is also far more expensive than the vast majority of skin care products on the market today, regardless of their ingredients. Only ultra-premium products with highly specialized ingredients cost more than DermaLastyl, who is more expensive than even some prescription brands.

While our reviewers encourage users to find products containing Matrixyl-3000 or its constituent parts, they are currently advising against all products containing argireline or elastatropin and as such cannot recommend that users try DermaLastyl.

The skin care product that our panel of experts recommends is Kremotex. Kremotex has performed the best in their ongoing series of clinical tests measuring products’ abilities to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and even out skin tone. Click here to see all of the different ways that Kremotex can benefit users’ skin.

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