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What is it?

Dark Spot Corrector is a topical serum that is designed to help even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark patches and blemishes. It is applied topically to affected areas and is formulated to encourage healthy cellular skin regeneration. It’s website says that it is useful for correcting age spots, acne damage, sun spots and other areas of pigment displacement.

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Dark Spot Corrector Ingredients and Side Effects
Kakadu Plum DermalRX Daisy Flower Extract
Niacin Amide Narcissus Bulb Extract Denatured Alcohol

Kakadu Plum: An Australian plant that, despite its name, is actually closer to the almond family than the plum. Kakadu plums have become a fad ingredient for skin care products recently because a recent study found it to be the most vitamin C-dense food on the planet.

Vitamin C is one of the most integral chemicals in the body and is key not only for immune health, as many people know, but also plays an important role in the process that turns collagen into skin cells. Kakadu extracts also contain vitamin E, zinc, foliate, magnesium, and other basic minerals and essential trace elements that are helpful for both the skin and general wellness.

Thanks to this nutrient rich profile, kakadu has become very popular in the time since that first study. Other than that initial research, however, there has been very little further research into the effects of kakadu usage.

It is not known if there are any possible side effects in the short-term, or if there could even be more serious long-term consequences that result from daily kakadu usage. As such, our panel of experts encourages users not to join the rush to jump on a trendy new bandwagon before more data is available about its safety.

DermalRX: A brand name of laboratory-synthesized skin care chemicals. There are actually quite a few different DermalRX products with vastly different ingredients, and Dark Spot Corrector doesn’t actually specify which one they use.

DermalRX blends use derivatives and extracts from ingredients as varied as algae, yeast strains, osmanthus flowers, and a number of chemicals that they designed themselves from scratch in their labs.

Not only is it frustrating to not know which ingredients are in the products that you put on your body, but also there is no independent data about the effectiveness or safety of there products. Furthermore, there is no data of any kind about the long-term effects of their products because they have not been in existence long enough to conduct a 5- or 10-year study.

Daisy Flower Extract: A derivative of the common flower, which is used in some home skin care remedies. There is insufficient evidence to claim that daisy has any kind of therapeutic value, however it has been used by some cultures to treat:

  • Wounds
  • Swelling
  • Skin diseases

It is not known if there are any short- or long-term negative effects related to daisys, however they are an allergy risk for many people, especially those that have sensitivities to ragweed, marigolds, or chrysanthemums.

Niacin Amide: The chemical name for vitamin B3. Niacin Amide is responsible for fat and sugar regulation, as well as in the maintenance of cellular health.

There can be some detrimental health effects associated with taking niacin amide by mouth including loss of vision, irregular heartbeat, and liver damage, however it is thought to be safe when applied topically.

Narcissus Bulb Extract: A derivative taken from the common daffodil flower. This is a strange inclusion, because daffodil is thought to be toxic to humans if it is ingested and even if it is applied topically.

It is unclear what benefits Dark Spot Corrector believes narcissus bulb extract may have, however it has been used in some unsupported home remedies to reduce pain and treat wounds.

It is not recommended that humans ever ingest products containing daffodil, and side effects associated with even just the handling of daffodils may include:

  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • Nerve damage

Denatured Alcohol: A frequent ingredient in skin care products, despite the fact that it has been clinically shown to dry out the skin.

It is included in many skin care products because it helps break down the oils on the surface of the skin, allowing for better absorption of the other ingredients. Unfortunately this also leaves the skin dry and unprotected, and then the alcohol evaporates, which further damages the skin cells.

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Dark Spot Corrector Quality of Ingredients

Dark Spot Corrector uses a unique blend of ingredients that are not found in the majority of skin care products – often times for very good reason.

Kakadu and daisy may have therapeutic uses and they may not; there is not enough data to conclude definitively one way or the other at this time. There have at least been no signs so far that they are harmful for users, and kakadu does contain high levels of useful minerals, which leaves our team optimistic about its future as an ingredient.

Our team does not recommend skin care products that use either narcissus bulb or denatured alcohol in their ingredients blend.

Manufacturers like to include denatured alcohol because it helps the skin look clean and healthy initially, tricking customers into thinking that their product is effective. When later down the road their skin dries out further from all the alcohol use, that just encourages customers to use more skin cream to try to heal their dry, damaged skin.

It should also be noted that denatured alcohol is not the same thing as cetearyl alcohol, which is another common skin cream additive that is healthy for the skin and can help with initial miniaturization without later having the same drying effect that denatured alcohol does.

Narcissus bulbs are potentially toxic and can have serious long-term effects on users; it should not be included in any health or wellness products, either oral or topical.

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The Price and Quality of Dark Spot Corrector

Despite the untested or unsafe nature of many of their ingredients, Dark Spot Corrector is one of the most expensive skin care products on the market today. Beverly Hills MD sells Dark Spot Corrector through their website at these prices:

  • 1, 1 oz bottle of Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector treatment: $129.95
  • 2, 1 oz bottles of Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector treatment: $233.92
  • 3, 1 oz bottles of Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector treatment: $331.38

Dark Spot Corrector’s instructions recommend between one and four applications per day. Given the average amount of solution used in each application, this could be as little as one week’s worth of treatments.

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Business of Dark Spot Corrector

Dark Spot Corrector is a product of Beverly Hills MD, a health and beauty products company. Their contact info is listed as:

Phone Number: (877) 828-5528

Address: 8383 Wilshire Blvd #800

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Email: They do not choose to publish their email address online, however they do have a customer comment form on their website to contact them electronically.

It should be noted that there are dozens of formal complaints against Beverly Hills MD filed with the Better Business Bureau, and last year the news website the Observer wrote an expose about their deceptive business practices and the ineffectiveness of their products.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Dark Spot Corrector

Beverly Hills MD officially only sells Dark Spot Corrector through their website, which means that there are very few independent reviews from customers. Ignoring the testimonials on their own website and looking instead at 3rd party supplement review sites turned up responses more like these:

“I’ve never spent so much money on a beauty product and gotten so little for it. Total scam.”

“Would you pay over a hundred dollars for the chance to rub garbage on your face? If so, this is the product for you.”

“I fell for the doctor’s fancy words on the infomercial and like a sucker bought their Dark Spot Corrector serum. It actually dried my face out worse than when I started, and they kept charging me for more products I didn’t order.

The complaints online ranged from general complaints about the products ineffectiveness to more disturbing reports of it actually making some skin conditions worse. There were also quite a few people that believe they had fraudulent charges from Beverly Hills MD appear on their credit cards or that were sent products that they did not order.

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Conclusion – Does Dark Spot Corrector Work?

Our reviewers struggle to remain objective and to look at both the positives and the negatives of every product. That said, or panel strongly cautions our readers against using Dark Spot Corrector.

Most of its ingredients are either untested or outright bad for the skin. Our panel of experts discourages against using any product that contains denatured alcohol or narcissus bulb for skin care purposes.

Our team encourages consumers to try using Kremotex for their skin care needs. Kremotex uses apple stem cells that work to heal skin at the core level rather than merely treating the symptoms of damage, as many products do. Click here to learn more about how Kremotex works to help make stronger skin.

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