DailyBurn Announces IntelliBurn, the Most Comprehensive Fitness Program Online

Digital technology is everywhere. From laptops, to tablets, to smartphones, very few of us get too far from the digital world. Even our fitness has gone digital. More than ever Americans are using online and application platforms to help them with their daily health regimens. DailyBurn recognizes this trend and is introducing a new daily fitness tracking system that has more features than any other format previous.

DailyBurn is a leading online fitness source. DailyBurn is also responsible for the popular apps DailyBurn Tracker, FoodScanner, MealSnap and Push-Up Wars. Their newest launch is the IntelliBurn technology. This technology is a complex algorithm that fine-tunes a fitness program to a user’s optimum performance and schedule by tracking and analyzing a multitude of factors, including, but not limited to, which trainers elicit the best personal performance, which workouts the user most enjoyed, time lapse between workouts and muscle groups recently trained.

This program comes as research has shown that online users need more than just a place to record their daily activity or receive broad-stroke counseling to be successful. DailyBurn is giving daily personalized guidance in addition to progress tracking, giving users a chance at a permanent change.

DailyBurn’s IntelliBurn is made available through all devices, enabling users to access the program in any location with streaming HD-quality custom workouts, personal result metrics, and nutrition and healthy living tools using a smartphone, computer, tablet or television every day.

Users will find their daily workout led by one of the six DailyBurn trainers. DailyBurn has employed some of the best in the business to create workouts that range from 10 minutes to one hour and vary in intensity. The trainers create a custom plan that’s designed to increase metabolism and deliver fast results.

Users also receive real-time feedback based on their inputs. This allows the workout program to learn about its users after each workout and allow the plan to evolve to best fit the member.

DailyBurn’s IntelliBurn technology is new and unlike any other fitness application or website on the market. As the new year approaches and resolutions are often broken within two weeks, IntelliBurn couldn’t come at a better time!

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