Black Diamond Serum Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Black Diamond Serum is an anti-aging formula made with all natural ingredients. It’s intended to help boost collagen while making skin feel and look smoother while being more elastic.

Other claimed benefits include healing already damaged skin to help get rid of the appearance of age markers. There’s actually ground of black diamonds that are added to this serum. Also added are oils, plant extracts, peptides, and other ingredients made to boost healthy skin. In reviewing countless anti-aging formulas our review experts found Kremotex to be the best overall. Customers have left glowing reviews to show how it benefited and improved the appearance and feel of their skin. Learn more about Kremotex and its all natural formula by following the link here.

Black Diamond Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

No full ingredients list is found anywhere. Though there is a website which mentions they use plant extracts, oils, and other natural ingredients, they only feature one ingredient in:

Ground Black Diamonds

 Ground Black Diamonds: One website that advertises Black Diamond Serum adds how this ingredient is sourced from parts of Brazil and central Africa.

Black diamonds are not often added to other skin care products. It’s also known as Carbonado, which is the toughest version of a diamond. This is also known as being impure, as things like graphite and carbon are still in it.

Information on what kind of effect it will have on skin is unknown. No comprehensive studies have been performed to showcase what this additive can do. This makes it impossible to determine the overall quality.

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One website which discusses this diamond adds:

“they are so difficult to cut and polish… less likely to carry black diamonds”

They add how very few people will actually use this diamond due to its difficulty in processing. Whether or not it will be effective on promoting healthy skin is unknown.

They are known to be dated from 2.6 to 3.8 billion years old however.

Black Diamond Serum Quality of Ingredients

No online resources are offered to ensure what kinds of ingredients are being used. This makes it impossible to determine the overall quality, and what one can expect.

The only known ingredient added is grounded up black diamonds, and no research is available to showcase what kind of an effect this may have on the skin.

Without this important piece of information, customers aren’t able to decide whether the additives are wholesome, effective, or that they’re added in healthy amounts.

It’s not a good sign of a quality product when you’re unable to determine what’s inside of it. This can potentially lead to side effects, and it’s unknown if one were to purchase this, whether or not they would provide an ingredients list.

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The Price and Quality of Black Diamond Serum

No pricing information is provided on any website. There have only been claims from some users that it cost them between $99.99 and $120, which only came after a claimed free trial.

One user mentioned:

“If you fail to read the fine print at the time you order it, you’ll forget to realize that in 14 days they are going to charge your credit card for continued membership”

A Facebook thread has currently 88 complaints from people who mentioned that they were charged and added to a month to month contract.

Judging the overall quality of ingredients is impossible due to the lack of a label. Judging from the available information however, there’s no reason to believe that this would be an effective solution. Follow the link provided to see a list of the very best anti-aging creams out now.

Business of Black Diamond Serum

In researching this company it’s clear that they have failed to provide any useful information. No official website exists anymore, and there’s only 3rd party websites which market this brand, but oddly enough redirect to a completely different anti-aging cream.

As mentioned previously, there is only complaints from users who say they were tricked into what they thought was a free trial. For the 88 people who commented on the company on Facebook, there’s mention that they were redirected from one website to another to believe they had access to a free trial.

This quickly extended into a monthly contract that charged them without any sort of company information. No address, phone number, email, or any sort of contact information is provided.

This makes it impossible to contact someone to learn about the product, or to secure a refund. This is likely due to the scam like nature of the business, which lock people into an auto shipment program. For a list of the very best skin health and anti-aging creams, follow the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Black Diamond Serum

Here is a list of user experiences found online:

“kept rolling off my face and oiled on whenever I tried to put on makeup afterwards”

“makes a mess and you have to wash it off”

“this caused my face to swell up like a balloon. Took a few days for y swelling to go away”

“This product is a fraud… peels off underneath my eye makeup”

At the time of this writing only extremely negative customer experiences are available. Many said it does not apply well, that it caused irritation, and that it did not promote healthier looking or feeling skin.

A common concern was often due to the lack of information about the product. People were concerned after making a purchase on how to properly apply it, or why it wouldn’t stay on even with small applications of makeup.

Because of the lack of quality information and use, people mentioned that others should avoid this as well. Some have even wanted to file a claim in small claims court to ensure other people aren’t scammed into buying this product.  Overall, the user experiences are negative.

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Conclusion – Does Black Diamond Serum Work?

This brand is limited in the amount of information that’s presented. No official website, company information, ingredients listing, or money back guarantee is offered. Without these important pieces of information, you’re unable to make a secure purchase. Only negative reviews exist of this product, from unsatisfied customers of both the company practices and the product itself. Some said they were conned out of money, and there were also issues with a lack of positive effects.

In reviewing many kinds of skin creams, the best anti-aging solution was found to be Kremotex. It’s made up of natural ingredients like macadamia oil, shea butter and apple stem cells which can rejuvenate aging skin.

Customers have highly rated this product and provided before and after photos to showcase its potent effects. This formula has a healthy mixture of ingredients shown to help protect skin and aid in improving damaged skin.

Discover more about Kremotex by visiting the link provided here.

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