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Biggest Loser 7: Daniel Wright

Look who is also on Biggest Loser 8! Follow along on Daniel Wright‘s journey this season.

Keep up with Daniel’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Daniel joins partner and best friend David during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 4 – Hear the Interview

Daniel Wright at the Biggest Loser 7 Finale

Age 19

Hometown Willow Spring, NC

Occupation Student

Teammate David Lee, best friend

Team Color Orange

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 454

Final Weight 312

Total Loss -142

daniel wright biggest loserFactoids

  • Heaviest player in the show’s history
  • Off all diabetes medicine


  • “I’m probably going to have the biggest weight loss you’ve ever seen on Biggest Loser.” – Week 1
  • “We’re a bunch of very big fat kids at a very big gym class.” – Week 1
  • “Jillian decided it was my turn to die this week.” – Week 4


Other Spellings Danny, Dan, Daneil, Right, Write, Wrihgt, Rite

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December 30th, 2008