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Biggest Loser 7: Cathy Skell

Keep up with Cathy’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Cathy joins partner and daughter Kristin during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 11 – See the Interview

Age 48

Hometown Shiocton, WI

Occupation Real Estate Sales Closing Agent

Teammate Kristin Steede, daughter

Team Color Purple

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 293

Final Weight 198

Total Loss -95

cathy skell biggest loserFactoids

  • Lost 8 pounds during 30 days at home.



Other Spellings Cathie, Cathee, Kathy, Kathi, Kathee, Skill, Skel, Skeel, Scell, Sell

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December 30th, 2008