BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical is a daily skin cream that is billed as an effective anti-aging and moisturizing agent. Their advertising says that it helps protect the skin from photodamage while also repairing existing signs of age and wear. Their website even promotes the product as having lasting effects after only one day of use, which is far above the industry norm.

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BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical Ingredients and Side Effects
Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil Ethylhexyl Isononanoate Squlalane
Persea Gratissima Oil Alcohol Sodium Hydroxide

 Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil: An extract taken from the seeds of the macadamia nut, which some people believe to be good for the skin.

There is no clinical data to support the topical use of macadamia nuts for any purpose, however they are high in fatty acids, so it is possible that they could be useful for helping the skin appear smooth.

There are no known side effects related to macadamia nut usage, however individuals with preexisting nut sensitivities may experience:

  • Hives
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Ethylhexyl Isononanoate: A recently synthesized compound that some cosmetics companies have began using as an emollient in their facial creams. There has never been a study performed about its effectiveness.

Beyond thickening and stabilizing topical cosmetics products there is no medicinal, therapeutic or health value associated with Ethylhexyl Isononanoate. There is no data about its safety or any side effects that are associated with its usage.

Squlalane: An oil extracted from the livers of sharks that may potentially have some positive benefits for the skin as a moisturizing agent. Humans produce small amounts of squalane themselves naturally, however at a certain point we start making less and less of it.

There is very little study that has gone in to the effects of squalling and it is not known how safe or effective topically applying it to the skin is, especially given how slow squalling is to absorb. There are some worries that artificial squalling could trigger autoimmune responses, prompting the body to attack certain tissues.

Until a more complete study of the effects of squalling can be performed our team of experts is nervous about recommending it for use in over the counter products.

Persea Gratissima Oil: Extracts taken from the common avocado. There has yet to be a study that proves that avocados have any medicinal or therapeutic value beyond just their consumption as a food product, however they have historically appeared in home remedies for:

  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Psoriasis
  • Hair growth
  • Sclerosis
  • Diarrhea
  • Toothache

There are few side effects associated with the topical use of avocados, however they have caused itching in some rare cases and individuals with latex sensitivities may be subject to allergic reaction.

Alcohol: There are two entries that include the word “alcohol” on the BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical ingredients list. One, cetearyl alcohol, is what’s known as a fatty alcohol – a harmless smoothing agent that is commonly found in a number of high-end skin care products. The other entry merely says “alcohol,” which indicates that it is another form of alcohol known as a simple alcohol.

Simple alcohols include isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol. These products are used by less reputable companies because they dissolve the oils and greases on the skin and allow their products absorb faster. This is popular with product manufacturers because customers see what looks like immediate results – the skin looks clear and plumped from the lack of oils and the rapidly absorbed ingredients.

After that, however, the alcohol rapidly evaporates and takes with it some of the moisture that was in the skin beforehand. This leaves skin ultimately drier than before the product went on – which unscrupulous manufacturers also don’t mind, because that means users will apply even more lotion in an unfortunate cycle that ends up damaging the skin and leaving it older looking than when the process began.

Sodium Hydroxide: Also known as lye, a chemical that hasn’t been in favor in skin products for decades.

Lye used to be very popular in skin care products because it was thought to be a skin tone lightener and because it balanced out the pH levels in skin creams. Lye is also a highly caustic solvent that is a known irritant, neurotoxin, and is classified as “expected to be harmful to humans” by the CDC.

It is actually somewhat shocking that a skin care company would still use sodium hydroxide in their proprietary blend, especially given how easy it is for users to research the ingredients in their health and beauty products these days. Side effects that may potentially be connected to topical sodium hydroxide usage include:

  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Ulceration of the skin
  • Severe burns
  • Brain damage
  • Changes in metabolism
  • Sensory loss
  • Organ toxicity

Even solutions as weak as .12% have shown an ability to completely destroy healthy skin cells in under an hour. Our panel of experts strongly cautions against using any personal care products that contain lye, especially those that are ingested, inhaled, or applied topically.

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BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical Quality of Ingredients

BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical has one of the least reputable ingredients lists that our experts have ever encountered. This is an example of the worst kind of a cosmetics products: those that sell out their users’ long term health in order to look good in the very short term.

Our team’s philosophy is that if you improve the health and wellness of your skin, then the beauty will follow. Making the choice to look good in the present should not negatively affect your ability to look good in the future, and it certainly should not negatively impact your health and wellbeing over all.

Our readers are urged to avoid products that contain simple alcohols or sodium hydroxide. The other ingredients in BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical are less potentially dangerous, however the vast majority of their benefits are surface level and do not improve core health either.

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The Price and Quality of BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical

BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical does not sell their product through any third party outlets, which is often a tactic used by companies who are trying to keep negative reviews of their products from appearing online. Their cream is only available through their website for this price:

  • 1, 50 ml jar of BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical control cream: $89.00

This would be an incredibly high price to pay for a jar twice this size of a product that was proven to be safe and effective.

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Business of BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical

BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical is a product Of BABOR Cosmetics USA. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (855) 929-0508

Address: 1636 Gravis Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55109-2130

Email: BABOR does not make an email address publically available, however they have a number of customer contact forms for electronic communication on their website.

BABOR Cosmetics USA is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There is no evidence of any pending legal action against them at this time.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical

As mentioned, there are no reviews of BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical on any independent retail sites. However when you go to health and beauty watchdog sites, customer responses tend to be similar to these:

“This is hands down the worst product I’ve ever tried on my skin. Within a week’s worth of use my face was red, swollen, and broken out. Stay away!”

“I frankly can’t believe I paid over $90 for this garbage. I wish I’d just given that money to a charity or something, because then my money would be doing something good instead of just making crooks richer.”


People were angry at BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical because of the lack of effectiveness of the product, its high price, and occasionally its smell, however by far the most frequent and angry complaints were from people that had experienced negative reactions to BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical and wanted their experience to be heard.

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Conclusion – Does BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical Work?

Our experts have never before been as unified in their opinion as they were in their assessment that customers should stay away from BABOR Skinovage Px Mimical.

They were shocked that not only are companies still using simple alcohols, despite the fact that their downside is well known, but that they found a company that still uses lye. Lye has not been popular in skin creams for many years because everyone knew about its dangers, and yet BABOR felt that they were still able to get away with it.

In today’s crowded marketplace there is no reason that any person needs to use a product like this in order to make their skin look or feel better. There are literally thousands of options that will be both more effective in the short run and healthier for your skin in the long run.

Our experts suggest users try Kremotex. Kremotex is a safe, effective skin cream that stimulates the skins natural defense mechanisms as it soothes inflammation and damage. Click here to learn more about what makes Kremotex so effective.

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