Avoid Holiday-Eating Remorse

Maruchy Lachance is president of Running Ninja!, a lifestyle brand for runners by runners. Running Ninja! offers a wide variety of apparel and gifts for runners to keep you happy and inspired while you’re on the run.

The holidays are finally upon us and some of us have been naughty and others have been nice. Most of us have New Year’s Day marked on our calendar when we convince ourselves that we can erase the effects of our overeating by making a few resolutions.

Like most, I have overindulged. It’s inevitable, and no matter how willful we may be, our best intentions can be quickly disarmed by all the tempting once-a-year treats. The good news is that although I did allow myself some extras here and there, I came up with an emergency plan in case I sabotaged myself and dove into the dangerous end of the buffet table.

The first thing I did was wear figure-conscious clothes. I left my “eating clothes” at home; the ones that are already a size too big or have elastic instead of a strict zipper or buttons.

This forces me to be mindful of my body. The next weapon in my arsenal was the reminder that “nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.”  This is hard to say in the face of a creamy, gooey cheesecake, so that’s when I deploy my next weapon: the one bite rule. I determine before even leaving the house just how many items on my “avoid list” I will indulge in, usually no more than three. By indulge I mean I will have a single bite.  The size of a teaspoon. You will be surprised how gratifying a single bite of something so incredibly rich can be.

My final weapon in the battle to stay true to my commitment to a healthy lifestyle is to not skip my exercise. Fight the temptation to forgo your regular exercise routine. Like most people I will make up excuses for why I should resume my routine after the holidays. Still, I shut down that crazy talk and remind myself how great I feel after I’ve worked off that holiday stress and possibly those extra sugary bites. Even if I do not do my full routine, I still make it a point to get out there and suddenly I’m re-inspired to do the entire thing!

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