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America Votes for the Biggest Loser Finalists

UPDATE: Vote for Biggest Loser 7 Finalists Ron or Mike.

Who would have thought Heba and Ed would have to go head-to-head to gain a position in the finale? It’s also not much of a surprise that Ed campaigned for his wife. Will it work?

We’re curious, who will you vote for? Make sure to cast your vote at NBC.

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Do not miss the live finale next week. Bernie and I will be there to talk to the new Biggest Loser moments after he or she steps on the scale for the final time, and talk to all of the other contestants to hear where their journeys have lead them.

To Ed, Heba, Vicky and Michelle, a whole-hearted congratulations to each of you from all of us at! It takes so much courage to completely transform your lives in front of millions of people the way you have. We hope you’re proud of yourselves for your incredible accomplishments.

December 9th, 2008