We Love BOT Water

bot waterI’m a big water drinker. I drink it plain. I add Propel packets. I sample new flavored waters all the time. It’s almost an obsession of mine. Recently I was sent four flavors of a new all-natural enhanced water beverage called Bot to try. From the colorful website and the cute little bears on the bottles, this water looked fun. With added antioxidants, B vitamins and electrolytes, this could be a great after-exercise choice. It has no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no coloring and no high fructose corn syrup. Sweetened with pure cane sugar and containing only 25 calories per bottle, there seems to be much to recommend.

But how did it taste?

Offered in lemon, berry, orange and grape, there is a flavor for everyone. I was especially impressed with the berry. It was crisp and refreshing, not overly cloying or sweet. Often, I need to add additional water to many flavored waters, especially Propel and Crystal Light, but the Bot Water was not overwhelming. The grape flavor was especially enjoyed by my children, who remarked that it tasted very similar to Kool-Aid, but it was much better for them.

Sold at Whole Foods, Wegmans, and available online at various retailers for a bit more than $1 per bottle, this beverage is a healthier choice than soda and more flavorful than plain water.

While Bot Water provided Carmen with sample product, this review is her own opinion and was not influenced or sponsored in any way.

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