Plan a Non-Traditional Thanksgiving for Full Control Over the Meal

By J.J. Kunkle from The Fit Life

The Thanksgiving my husband and I share is a bit different than most. We love our families, but because Thanksgiving tends to focus on food and eating, it’s the one holiday we typically reserve for just the two of us.

Aside from the occasional fish dish, we eat a vegetarian diet. In addition to eating vegetarian, we also eat very health consciously—avoiding processed foods, preservatives and salt as much as possible. So, since we’ve been together, on Thanksgiving we take off for the Smokey Mountains. We rent a nice, little one bedroom cabin and together, cook a nice vegetarian meal for Thanksgiving. Then we spend the long weekend hiking in the mountains. Last year we made quinoa stuffed red peppers.

I sometimes get a little homesick for a traditional, family Thanksgiving, but it definitely relieves the pressure of being around all the caloric, meaty food. Our families are not entirely supportive of the way we eat, so I always feel pressure to eat items I normally would not.

This year, because of our budget, we are actually forgoing our trip to the mountains for the first time. So we’ll be having two Thanksgivings—one with my family and one with my husband’s family. To combat some of the holiday calories we are doing a 5-mile Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. Otherwise, we’ve decided we’ll just try little bits of the many side dishes that will be abundant in both places. We have several races planned throughout the holidays to keep us in shape, so we’ll just go with the theory that moderation is the key.


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