Padma Lakshmi Fights for Better Nutrition in Schools

Most often known for her starring role on Bravo’s Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi has selected a new focus. The host of the reality show joined the ranks of Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver in her desire to help improve childhood nutrition. Recently, she petitioned Congress to support The Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act (H.R. 5504), which would allow schools to serve more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat plant-based meal options.

Lakshmi sent Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a letter asking for her support. “Being a new mother and cookbook author, I am
very passionate about creating nutritious and delicious meals for fans, friends, and family. I’m writing to ask for your help in creating the same opportunities for America’s children… This will help students form healthy habits and will also help prevent childhood obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and even heart disease later in life.”

More than one-third of America’s children are overweight, and many already have symptoms of type two diabetes and heart disease.

“By increasing healthful options in schools, we can help children avoid chronic diseases and stay focused on their goals, both in and out of the classroom. We all know it’s easier to pay attention and stay energized when we’re eating right,” Lakshmi said.


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