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Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.9

Big, new, exciting things on this episode of Biggest Loser. With two people going home, the addition of a red line, and some extreme overreacting, how could anyone pay close attention? Well, if you missed some things this week, I have a recap for you.

As I said before, this week is a double elimination week for the contestants. This put all of the contestants on edge and really brought out the best competitive nature in all of the them. We finally saw some game play by the two groups of alliances (young vs. old), and tensions really started to heat up. In the pop challenge, the human tank, Allen, won a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in. That reward is extremely important at this stage in the game. So many contestants have gone home on just one pound, it’s ridiculous.

rudy and shayThis week’s challenge was circus inspired as the contestants had to jump through hoops to eliminate their competitors. I know I ask for a lot of stuff from you all in this blog, but this one is kinda cool. 1. Does anyone work for the circus. 2. Can I come and play with the elephants, or jugglers or something fun? Thanks.

Back to the challenge. Shay seemed to think that Rudy made an extreme alliance with her and proceeded to act like a crazy person. There was some ground for the claim, but, seriously, Shay would have lost anyway and in the end it’s a game. Start playing chess, not checkers.

The contestants had some very intense workouts, and again, Danny was out back with the giant tire and sledgehammer (I’m still waiting for that gift by the way; I understand it could get lost in the mail, but it’s been a while). He wins intense workout of the week, and it showed on the scale.

(Another perfect transition to the weigh-in. Man, I’m getting decent at this blogging thing.)

biggest loser circusThe contestants dropped absolute bombs! The numbers for week nine were huge. Shay lost 17 pounds, losing 100 pounds faster than any woman in Biggest Loser history. Danny dropped a bomb, Liz had her highest weight loss total, and Rebecca lost a monster 10. Daniel was the unfortunate victim of the red line, losing 199 pounds in his stay on Biggest Loser. He did an amazing job and is doing great at home.

The people below the yellow line this week were Shay and Amanda. The house voted out Shay, most likely for game play reasons. I would have voted off Amanda, because she is the bigger threat. Sure, Shay has a lot of weight to lose, but does not have enough time to lose enough weight to have an amazing percentage. Amanda on the other hand is just like the winners from seasons past, being a smaller woman. She even has the right color to win (pink). But, again, I’m not there.

Next week is supposed to be an amazing week people so let’s get excited. Until next time BLnation.
-Mike Morelli

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November 11th, 2009

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I think Amanda should have gone home for being the bigger threat. Remember Helen she was under the radar and won last season when I really wanted Mike to win.
Mike you are such an inspiration to everyone, I am trying to lose weight, but don't have anyone encouraging me. My mom always wants to feed me and when I go to work out my friends say party with us instead.

posted Nov 12th, 2009 4:16 pm


I have a feeling that next week will be one of those "bring back eliminated players" weeks. If Shay comes back then, that would be why they'd not show an "after" recap. And the girl from week one looked so good in her "after" that I'd not be super surprised if she showed back up on the ranch again.

posted Nov 12th, 2009 3:54 pm


Mike great as always and Dan was the â??da Bombâ?ť the way he tried to get through to his friend. He obviously is not ready, but Dan assured him heâ??d be there to help him when he is. I wish I had someone like that to help me. Someone who lost almost 200 pounds. Dan was ready to go, and will be a success. He is an inspiration.

I did not like Jillianâ??s pleading to Bob about Shay. Shayâ??s behavior to Rudy was disappointing (and I think the reason Rudy voted for her), and her pouting was getting old and I was getting tired of all her crying. I know her story is sad, but instead of looking at the positive things that were going on, sheâ??d always go back to the bad and no matter how much time she spent on that ranch, until she quits going back to the sadness in her life and looks at the good things (100 pounds lost, and what looks like a good family and friends) she will never ever be what she wants to be. And why was there no update on her? We saw Danâ??s update, but no Shay. Just her going home. I would like to know how Shay is doing and if she is progressing. I do hope for her sake she is and not just giving up since she is without the support of the ranch. I do wonder if Jillian is keeping in touch with her. Guess weâ??ll find out in the finale.

I donâ??t like Amanda. I do think she is a whiner. I do hope she goes next. Rudy and Danny are great. I do think one of them will win this. Liz is cool, but not a threat except to maybe Amanda. Rebecca is OK. She seems to be there for the right reasons.

I think the reason most people think this is not a good season, is because up until the competition between young and old, this is a nice bunch of people (again, with the exception of Tracey). Now that there is no competition with the young numbers down 4 to 2, itâ??s boring again. You just hope the person who really deserves it wins and again, my money is on Rudy or Danny.

posted Nov 12th, 2009 11:46 am


Thanks Mike for the recap, I appreciate these.

I really don't feel much bond for Amanda, and I would have voted Amanda off myself.

I like Dan a whole lot but I wasn't sad to see him go, he'd had two seasons to break through and knows what to do and how to do it and he has the right mindset so I doubt he'll ever put the weight back on at this point.

I'm so disappointed with David and really glad that Dan got the chance to complete his journey.

As for Shay, I really wanted to see her stick around, and it is somewhat shocking to get sent home after a 17lb weight loss; quite frankly I don't think she could have physically lost more than she did this week. But the fact that she is able to lose the 17lbs this week proves to me that she is going to do okay outside of the ranch. The only way it is life and death for her anymore is if she gives up, and I don't see her doing that. She hit the magic 100 lb mark and should have enough motivation from that accomplishment to continue on the journey.

I don't like how Jill was giving Bob the whole ultimatum about Shay this week. If nine weeks and 100 lbs weight loss doesn't cut thru Shay's barriers enough to keep her alive than she's a lost cause, which i don't believe, I feel she is an inspiration. I would have loved to see her stick around, but at nine weeks we're past the whole life-and-death "playing god" thing. If Jill honestly feels that way she can volunteer to train Shay on her own time outside of TBL, I don't like the added melodrama.

I like TBL but I'm looking forward to Jill's "losing it" more; TBL has become too much about gameplay and not enough about changing lives through weight loss. I'm happy to have a "fat camp" type tv show that isn't a big financial competition but a cooperative life-saving mission for people to reach their goals.

posted Nov 12th, 2009 3:48 am

I also want to agree with Becky and say that season 7 was way better!

posted Nov 11th, 2009 1:42 pm

Sabre Sarnataro

This is why you and your dad got so far! I totally agree with you that they should of eliminated Amanda -she is the bigger threat. Both her and Shay bother me so that wasn't even a factor. Not only does Amanda have the potential to have a higher overall % loss, she's the less confrontational of the two.

It's typical Biggest Loser history that the most confrontational and controlling people have the larger targets on their backs throughout the show. Shay's attitude as the weeks roll on seems to be getting worse in my opinion. She always says "I never give up" but yet tends to act like such a victim, which are kind of contradictory attitudes. Then she played victim when Rudy eliminated her in the challenge.

I agree with you about immunity as a prize as well. Not only does it ignore that the show is about performance, but it allows the person with immunity to load up on water and drop a bomb the next week. Talk about unfair. It basically gives you an advantage for two weeks in a row.

I was sad to see Daniel go just because I like the guy, but it was his time. He just stopped pulling the #'s and has been there for 2 seasons. I was saddened to see him talk with David and to hear David make all of his excuses for not even trying to work on his health. Daniel has such a great attitude and it was interesting to see how much different from David he is now. The show can be so transforming.

posted Nov 11th, 2009 1:25 pm


Mike, another good recap. but I have to disagree with you about Amanda being a bigger threat than Shay. I think the group kept Amanda b/c most of them think they can beat her 4 or 5 pound per week average, but were afraid of the numbers Shay could actually come up with.

Either way the group I watched it with was pulling for Shay as she clearly has so much work still to do.

posted Nov 11th, 2009 1:17 pm

Becky L

Hey Mike! I always read your recaps and yes, they are becoming more and more riveting every time! I couldn't watch last night's episode because I work early in the AM, but I got a good idea from your blog about everything that went down.

I am relieved that Daniel and Shay went home... mostly because I feel Daniel needed to go home weeks ago. He's been below the yellow line a LOT. As far as Shay goes, yes she's the biggest person on the ranch and yes she's got some psychological issues (don't we all?) but if she didn't get enough of a push and motivation from being on national television, maybe she will get the push she needs when she gets sent back home. It's a wake up call, as if the entire production of the show isn't enough of one...

I can't say that I've enjoyed this season nearly as much as I enjoyed last season. I liked you and Tara and Ron. That was it! That was the reason I watched the show. You all had strong personalities that were very different that made the show interesting. This season it seems like it's less about who the people are and more about "the game." Like the producers are having a hayday. Just my opinion, though.

Ho, hum. I always complain, but BL is a tradition and it always keeps me inspired (I've lost 55+ pounds in the last 3 years and still going strong) so watching the contestants always makes me grateful for the decisions I made thus far.

I have a feeling that Rudy is gonna take this season. He's been dropping weight like mad and I think people tend to forget how big he was when he started... I'm fairly certain he'll win this season.

'Til next time,


posted Nov 11th, 2009 11:53 am


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