Lose Baby Weight with Low-Impact Exercise

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At least a half dozen of my friends are brand new moms and although they are thrilled with their babies, they are ready to give up on the weight gain that came with their precious cargo.

Visits, phone calls and email exchanges with these wonderful women eventually turn to their struggles to lose the weight.  Their frustrations are usually compounded by the fact that so many celebrity moms are flaunting drastic weight loss just weeks or a couple of months after delivery.

While my heart breaks for these loving and healthy moms I am always happy to be their agent of reality. They already know it took them nine months to put the weight on. And they are bored of hearing how the outcome to the weight gain was well worth it.

My approach is always proactive with a focus on their current reality. The weight is there, as is the baby and all the stressors, time limitations and sleep deprivation – all frustrating realities that will seem like obstacles to their effort to get their bodies back.

My gentle advice is to begin by walking once or twice a day. A low-impact exercise that promotes weight loss, reduces stress, and can be done with the baby! The next thing the new mom needs to focus on is her caloric intake while being mindful of any added nutritional needs. A lot of new moms have never had weight issues, making this their first time dealing with losing a large amount of weight. This can be daunting and depressing so the key is to be supportive, all the while reminding them that the sooner they begin a weight loss and fitness program, the sooner the pounds will come off at a healthy pace.

If you are a new mom dealing with your post-baby body, take this time to focus on yourself and your emotional and physical needs. Reach out to friends and family who will support and encourage your goals so you can use your energy to enjoy and care for your new baby.

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