Just One Bite the Secret to Consequence-Free Indulgence

Melissa Craig is the author of Cupcake High, a quirky blog dedicated to high-altitude baking.  Check out Cupcake High for both ultra-indulgent and more health-conscious recipes, from cupcakes to quick breads–all altitude-tested and Melissa-approved.

People often ask me how I can stay somewhat thin while constantly baking for my blog, Cupcake High.  Being vegan certainly helps–after all, ruling out anything with dairy certainly trims the menu options.  Another motivating factor has been my recent move from Oklahoma, where everything is either deep-fried or smothered in gravy (or both) to Colorado, a much more health-conscious state.  Still, I think most of us are looking for that magic bullet–the elusive secret to health, wellness, and a supermodel physique.  Fortunately, I’m here to let you in on the secret.  Unfortunately, it’s no secret at all.  Put simply: diet and exercise.  Not what you were hoping for, I know, but it works.  Like a charm.  In every case, for everyone, every time.

Still, strict diets can be grueling.  Deprivation is a tough gig.  Even the most stubborn dieters can only hold out for so long before succumbing to the voices, especially during the holidays.  It seems the moment you decide something is off limits is precisely when you really crave it…and crave it–until you cave to it.  So let’s just skip all that.  I’ve got a better idea: if you’re really craving something–anything–go ahead.  I’m not going to tell you that you can only eat it when you’re hungry either; that’s just silly. Come on–a peppermint patty isn’t going to ward off hunger.  If you’re actually hungry, eat some real food, but if you’re simply lusting after something indulgent, go for it.  Really.  Just keep in mind that that’s exactly what it is: indulgence.  Make sure you really want it, and make it good.  Then, have only a little.  Just one bite.  Pay attention, enjoy it, savor it.

So what if you still want more after that bite?  You can have it.  Really.  Just wait until tomorrow, and then, savor just another bite.  If you’re generally mindful of your diet and follow a consistent exercise regimen, a small treat each day is not going to sabotage your efforts.  I promise.  Besides, what this indulgence doesn’t offer in terms of physical health benefits, it certainly provides in rewards to your mental health.


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