Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Classic Rock with a Groove

Halloween has come and gone, and maybe you’ve snagged a little – okay a lot – of your child’s candy for yourself. Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and you’ll have another couple days of overindulging. Let’s try to counter some of the inevitable holiday dietary mishaps with some regular cardio workouts.

This week, I’ve put together a classic rock workout mix. But what sets these songs apart is that they all have one thing in common: a groove. There are many things in a song that can inspire me. Maybe it’s the lyrics, or the energy of the band. But sometimes, if the rhythm section locks in and chugs along at a steady pace, I get lost in it. And before you know it your 30+ minute walk or run is over.

So, get ready to lock into the groove and burn some calories!

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Classic Rock with a Groove

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1. Led Zeppelin – Trampled Under Foot

2. Billy Squier – The Stroke

3. David Bowie – Fame

4. Pink Floyd – Money

5. Van Halen – Push Comes To Shove

6. Aerosmith – Last Child

7. Rolling Stones – Miss You

8. The Who – Eminence Front

9. ZZ Top – Cheap Sunglasses

10. The Pretenders – My City Was Gone

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