Groovin’ Groceries CD Makes Healthy Eating and Exercise Fun for Kids

Chicago mom and award winning lyricist Lori Cook was alarmed when she realized the skyrocketing figures for childhood obesity were not declining. She decided to use her creative skills to promote healthy eating habits and exercise to the nation’s children. Her endeavor, called Groovin’ Groceries Children’s Wellness Adventure, is a CD full of music geared towards the younger set.  This interactive wellness program is based on the 2010 USDA Food Pyramid recommendations and endorsed by a pediatric dietitian. The CD  contains songs that encourage children to sing and dance their way through lessons on the food pyramid.

Written by Grammy award winning artists, the songs contain messages about specific food benefits, recommendations for healthy diet choices and daily exercise. Recent research has indicated the most children in America do not get enough daily exercise. With this musical set, kids are encouraged to get up and move to the rhythms of reggae, R&B, country and disco. The CD also comes with place mats, sticker charts and print materials that encourage grocery store scavenger hunts.

“It started when I took my 3-year-old, Nate, to the grocery store,” says Cook.  “He was already noticing cartoon characters on products and wanting to put them into our cart. I didn’t realize it started so early! Then I wondered why there weren’t advertisements for healthy foods that would get him equally as excited.”

With titles like Bobby Broccoli and the Hip Hop Crops, Banana Jamma and the Fruity Party, Betsy Bread and the Grainiacs, Max Milk and the Disco Dairy, Fiona Fish and the Lean Machine, this musical collection is geared towards making healthy food fun and the first choice for kids. In addition, there is even a song titled Stinky Shoe – Peeyew! that promotes the benefits of exercise to a body.

“Kids need help when it comes to making smart eating decisions, and the more we promote healthy eating, the better our kids will fare. Groovin’ Groceries is a fantastic way to promote healthy eating in a fun, entertaining way. The approachable reminders of how to make healthy choices in this well-designed program are a great way for kids to learn foods to choose and those to avoid,” saysPediatric Dietician Lara Field, MS, RD, CSP, LDN.

Image via Groovin’ Groceries

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