Google Street View Inspires British Man to Lose Weight

The image Mewse found on Google Street View that prompted his weight loss

When Bob Mewse found photos of himself on Google Street View, he was astonished at what he faced. Mewse was considered morbidly obese, but for a long time, he ignored the implications of it. As he gazed at the image of himself, all 297 pounds of him, he decided it was finally time to take charge of his health. He told The Telegraph, “I was horrified when I saw that photo. I was massive. My belly was sticking out and I looked huge. I’d been thinking about losing weight for some time but after seeing that picture, I knew that I actually had to do something about it. I was in such bad condition that I was unable to walk and talk at the same time.”

Mewse 98 pounds lighter

Mewse, like so many others, experienced a certain level of denial in regards to his weight. When he saw himself in the mirror each day, he didn’t realize how big he had become. He made excuses and ignored the signs that his obesity was beginning to affect the health of his body. Many of us have a tendency to do this; we make excuses for not working out and not eating properly. We have a way of justifying each fast food cheeseburger and every hour we watch TV. We blissfully ignore the causes and effects of our lifestyles. Doing so works out just fine, until we catch a glimpse of the truth; a foreshadow of the future.

For the first time, Mewse took an oath to be healthy and he followed through with it. By hiring a trainer, joining a gym and eating healthier, Mewse was able to lose 98 pounds. After shedding such a large amount of excess weight, he’s reporting to feel better than ever. He no longer suffers from extreme back pain and his blood pressure is getting under control.

I’ll leave you now with the inspirational words of Bob Mewse, an ‘ordinary bloke’ capable of doing extraordinary things for his health:

“If I can do this, anybody can, I’m just an ordinary bloke. I feel much healthier now.”

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