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Food Find: Tofurky for Thanksgiving

OK all you non-vegetarians, many of you hear the word Tofurky and roll your eyes at this vegetarian attempt to recreate Tom the Turkey without, well, killing him. As a former vegetarian and as someone who has dined on many a Tofurky for Thanksgiving, I’m hear to tell you that Tofurky is, well – good. In fact, it’s pretty darn good.

So exactly what is this stuff? Tofurky is made from non-genetically modified tofu (soybeans protein) and wheat gluten. The stuffing (yes, there is stuffing) is made from whole grains, wild rice and mushrooms, and the stuffing rocks. In fact, Turtle Foods, the maker of the Tofurky and all other Tofurky products have created lone stuffing servings because the demand for their stuffing is so great. Meatless gravy tops out the meal making it look and taste eerily similar to a traditional turkey dinner.

In comparison to a 4 ounce serving of turkey, Tofurky packs in less calories (190 calories versus 240), less fat grams (five grams to nine grams) and less saturated fat (0 grams to 3 grams) than its live counterpart. It also doesn’t contain any cholesterol. Stacking up the stuffings side by side, Tofurky comes in at a mere 110 calories per half-cup and just 2 fat grams, while regular turkey stuffing can average about 200 calories per half-cup and about 8 grams of fat. Then again, who counts calories on Thanksgiving?

In my house, we’ve experienced non-vegetarians testing out a bite of Tofurky and were more than happily surprised to find how yummy it actually tasted.

I’m not trying to tell you to go run out and replace your turkey with a tofurky (not that you would anyway) but hopefully, if one shows up at your dinner table over the holidays, you won’t simply laugh it off and make fun of the animal-loving, tofu-eating vegetarian guest or relative.  They are quite good and nutritionally-speaking, they are not nearly as weighty as a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy Turkey Day!

November 26th, 2008