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Eating Healthy on a Budget: Steel Cut Oats

When you are having trouble getting out the door in the morning it can be tough to think about a healthy and wholesome breakfast. I recommend you plan ahead it will save you time and money! Watch now to see why I use steel cut oats, and how I prepare them.

I LOVE steel cut oats, they have more fiber and more nutrients than the microwaveable packets, but they take forever to cook! So, I put several servings in a Crock pot or rice cooker on Sunday night. I add some sliced almonds and peaches or blueberries with some vanilla extract almond milk and some Truvia. Then, I let it cook and when it’s done I portion it out into one-cup servings! Amazing!

Keep these in the refrigerator and you’ve got grab-and-go breakfasts for the entire week.

November 23rd, 2010

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I've never heard of steel cut oats! I'm excited to try them out. For breakfast, I like to microwave oats with milk, sliced apples, and cinnamon. Sometimes I mix in low-fat vanilla yogurt to make it even more creamy. Cooked oats are so good for breakfast because they keep you feeling full for so long! Thanks again!

posted Nov 27th, 2010 8:44 am


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