DietTribe Recap Episode Seven

diettribeThis past week on DietTribe, the women went away on a weekend adventure to San Diego where they played softball with the U.S. Women’s National Softball team. Lavished with spa treatment including a delicious and portion-controlled meal with their trainer Jessie, dips in the hotel swimming pool, and heartfelt chats in a steamy hot tub, the ladies had a chance to relax, focus on themselves and have some fun.

One of the highlights of episode seven was a surfing lesson that all of the DietTribe members had an opportunity to participate in. Complete with wet suits, polished surf boards and some decent beginner waves, they rode the crests on their bellies, knees and even for a few seconds, on their feet, as they got their adrenaline pumping with a real surfing workout.

In addition to the action-packed weekend, Friday’s episode marked another landmark in the DietTribe journey: Day 100 of the ladies’ 120-day weight loss journey. Only one weigh-in remains until we see if their goal of losing 50 pounds each and competing in a triathlon is achieved.

Here are the results of their near-final weigh in:

Mary: New weight: 164 pounds. Pounds lost: 6 pounds. Total pounds lost: 46 pounds.

LaNessa: New weight: 284 pounds. Pounds lost: 10 pounds. Total pounds lost: 41 pounds.

Tiffany: New weight: 180 pounds. Pounds lost: 6 pounds. Total pounds lost: 41 pounds.

Stephanie: New weight: 201 pounds. Pounds lost: 2 pounds. Total pounds lost: 43 pounds.

Rita: New weight: 151 pounds. Pounds lost: 5 pounds. Total pounds lost: 26 pounds.

Tune in next week when we find out if these five ladies meet their weight loss goal. will bring you all of the highlights of the grand finale episode and we’ll also recap just how far the DietTribe members have come on their life-changing four-month journey.

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