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10 Tips for Achieving Successful Weight Loss

successful dieterI train at a gym in Beverly Hills, California and have had great success with the majority of my clients. I swear its as simple as watching what you eat and exercising five days a week.

Several female clients of mine have come to me over the past few months and stated that they really wanted to lose weight. I told them to write down everything that they ate and what activities they did each day outside of the workouts that we were doing together. After a few months of keeping a food journal and activity log, every single client saw results and were completely satisfied with how they were feeling and looking.

Below are the top weight loss tips and a sample exercise routine that I use with my clients who are trying to lose weight.

  1. Keep a Food Log: This will help you see and understand what you are putting into your body
  2. Keep an Exercise/Activity Log: This will allow you to increase your intensity and length of workouts
  3. Exercise 5 Days a Week: If you are not sweating, you are not working hard enough
  4. Drink 64-100 Ounces of Water a Day: Hydration is a huge factor in weight loss and appetite suppression
  5. Chew Gum: Helps keep the mind and stomach satisfied
  6. No More Soda: Cut the pop and other sugars out of your diet
  7. No More Alcohol: Reduce the empty calories
  8. Reduce T.V. Time: Stay active rather than sitting around and watching television
  9. Don’t Snack After 7 p.m.: Snack during the day, but not at night because your activity levels have decreased
  10. Get 8 Hours Of Sleep a Night: Refreshes the body and allows for a more productive day

Try this Weight Loss Routine:

Do 45-60 minutes of cardio, plus:

November 5th, 2009

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I think those are all important behavioral changes whether you are trying to lose weight or just get healthy.

However, I think that permanent weight-loss takes so much more than just food and exercise changes, that's why 95% of people put the weight back on within 5 years.

Thanks for the article!

posted Nov 6th, 2009 2:49 am


I agree it's that simple, but it's not all that easy.

posted Nov 5th, 2009 11:51 am

ex-fat girl


Okay, here is the only "truth" about weight-loss:

Its not easy, its for the rest of your life, but its worth it!

I say this everyday to myself.

But is it fast? NO!!!!
But is it easy? NO!!!
What's the secret diet? Well, sorta.

After hearing a lot of people talk about successful weight loss, not advertising people, I have come to the conclusion that, it really is true that you need a tailored made diet and NOONE can make it for you! NO ONE!

The important thing, like in the rest of life is, DON'T GIVE UP

Try all the diets, find which one works, tweak it, even if you gain weight some days, some weeks, go back try it different until you find your "mojo"

Some people have very hectic schedules, some people don't like to exercise, some people do

For example, I hear a lot of fat people say, i actually don't eat a lot and i'm not hungry.

I would recommend a balanced, portion-controlled diet like Weight Watchers.

Or, like me, I'm HUNGRY! And it makes me angry when I'm hungry and you're telling me to eat only 350 balanced calories. I say, stick those calories up yours because I'm hungry

So for me, a low carb diet works because I can eat, thank God, I can eat

I HAVE to have coffee and one alli pill and one activia yogurt to make me go to the bathroom or I won't loose weight AND I take a appetite suppressant AND I walk for 1/2 hr everyday

That was my secret mojo, but it may not be yours.

Thats okay. My friend lost it with Weight Watchers.

Yes, dieting is expensive. I don't care how you slice it, its expensive. Salad and fish and chicken is more expensive and more time consuming to prepare than mc donalds.

Don't give me this from talking heads who probably make at least 300K a year that "you can save and lose weight"

No you can't

It takes money, time, and consistency FOR the REST of your LIFE!

But, its worth it.

Eventually your body gets to a point where it reaches a new normal and you can maintain that weight a lot easier, less money, less time, less effort.

But loosing it it HARD!

Get over it


Do it anyway.

But thats life

College is hard.

Do it anyway.

Spending time with your family is hard to find

Do it anyway.

Life is Hard

Do it anyway

Forgiving is HARD

Do it anyway

Find your mojo and Do it!

posted Nov 5th, 2009 9:04 am


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