The Drunk Diet May Have Sobering Results

There are literally millions of diet books on the shelves. Not one of them recommends a long night of whiskey drinking and 5:00 a.m. cheeseburgers. None of them did, until now, that is.  Luc Carl’s memoir The Drunk Diet will follow this rocker as he gets in shape in the most unorthodox manner.

Luc Carl is the manager of the rock bar St. Jerome in New York City. He’s also a party promoter and Lady Gaga’s boyfriend. Carl’s lifestyle of heavy drinking and partying left him 40 pounds over weight and very out of shape. Carl was ready to make a change, but not by following the rules.

The Drunk Diet is a year long look into how Carl still partied every night and managed to lose 40 pounds and tone up his body. Carl specifically wanted to challenge the rule about heavy alcohol consumption and weight loss.

The book does highlight the regime that landed Carl his fitness success but it’s billed as more of a day-to-day look into this wild child’s life. His extreme antics are recounted as he takes a year long journey to what appears to be better health. The book is set to hit shelves in March 2012.

While Carl did drop weight and did tone up, it is  doubtful that any health professional would call his regime healthy. His biceps may be ripped, but his liver could be shriveling. If the goal is to sell books, what an angle! Every now and then we hear the fad diets say, “lose weight and still eat cheeseburgers!” When have we ever heard, “lose weight, get hammered, and still eat cheeseburgers!”? Well, now we’ve heard it all.

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