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Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser 8.4 Recap

biggest loser kitchenHey everyone, I’m back again for the Week 4 Biggest Loser Recap. First thing noteworthy in this episode is that Tracey is not allowed to work out. At all. That stinks. Not being able to work out is almost a plane ticket home on the Biggest Loser ranch.

In a very good twist, the contestants had to order out for every single meal, after finding the kitchen completely locked down. Learning to eat well while going out is an extremely good skill to have. To go along with the new week comes a new pop challenge. The contestants had to determine which dinner had the fewest amount of calories. The winner was the pink team and they won a year’s supply of groceries.

biggest loser challengeThis week’s challenge looked extremely difficult. The contestants had to hang from their arms for as long as they could above a pool of water. The winner won immunity. It came down to Allen from the green team and Daniel from orange. Daniel ended up hanging around longer and guaranteed immunity for himself and Shay for another week.

With his teammate out of commission, it was up to Coach Mo to pull the weight for the team. During the last chance workout, it looked like Mo hurt himself. Not looking good for one of my favorite contestants up to this point.

At the weigh in, Daniel and Shay lost a total of 5 pounds A very smart game-play move. They said it wasn’t, but it was, believe me, not losing weight doesn’t just happen. Shay continued to want Tracey out of the house and got mad when the purple team lost enough weight to be safe. In the end, it came down to Julio from the black team, and Danny and Liz from the brown team. The rest of the house voted to keep the brown team in the game. And my favorite team is still alive and kicking!

That’s all from this episode! See you all next week. Best in health.
-Mike Morelli

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October 7th, 2009

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Amber Newton

HEY!! Its Amber from Mackinac City Race. I tried to find you on facebook to tag you but I couldnt... So hope you get this. Look me up!

posted Oct 10th, 2009 8:07 pm


This was a pretty good week, with the contestants forced to eat out. The prize for the pop challenge was really a nice prize. Tracey is still annoying but it seems like she's just compensating for emotional and health issues. I do feel bad for Mo getting stuck with her roller-coaster...she has serious issues and probably needs a doctor and a pshrink rather than TBL without trainers, without Bob and Jill the time on the ranch is somewhat wasted.

I thought Julio looked good in the end and now under 300 lbs. I wonder why he had such a bad week though, it seems like he put in the effort and didn't have too much trouble with the eating out, so it sucks he had little to show for it.

In the end I'd have picked Julio to go, because it's too early in the game for aggressive gameplay and if you care for the other contestants it is better than one player go home than two from a "everyone needs to be here" perspective.

Daniel rocks for winning the challenge but he was totally playing the game. I wish he'd said "no comment" or something instead of a straight-faced lie because there's no way that he's been training for six months straight and then just mysteriously and unemotionally has a zero-pound week. Sorry, but he was taking advantage of his immunity so that he'll pull big numbers next week.

posted Oct 7th, 2009 8:27 pm


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