Desire Means Nothing Without Action

Guest blogger Jon Luciano, who blogs at, woke up one morning and decided to make a change. He’s lost 39 pounds since February 2010 through healthy eating and regular exercise. Although the infomercials feature chiseled and fit people, he will never (ever) buy a Shake Weight. Follow Jon on Twitter @jonluciano.

Not too long ago, I was at the pool with a bunch of friends. While they were sunbathing, having fun in the pool and enjoying the weather, I was sitting at a nearby table. I had my shirt on as many overweight people do at a pool. Why can’t I be in shape? Why can’t I feel comfortable and confident without a shirt on? I told myself that I was going to get into shape and be healthy. I had a burning desire to not be fat anymore. I then ordered a double cheeseburger with bacon and proceeded to gain another 12 pounds in the following months.

We all have desires. Some people desire to have a sports car, some desire to have a big home. Most overweight Americans have a desire to be skinny and in shape. Without action, that desire means nothing. You can’t just wish to have a sports car and wake up one morning with it parked in the driveway. You can’t just hope to lose 60 pounds…you must take action to achieve your desires. Having desire is important, as a desire is a goal. You then must take appropriate actions to achieve your goal.

My turning point came in February 2010 when I woke up one morning and looked at myself in the mirror before a shower. I was not happy with who I saw. In fact, I was disgusted. How did I allow myself to get this out of shape and overweight? I was truly mad at myself. I promised myself that today was the last day I would be living my life like that. During the course of that day, I figured out what my goal/desired weight is…I need to lose 54 pounds. I sprung into action the next day and haven’t looked back. At the time of writing this post, I have lost 39 pounds. I couldn’t have lost a single pound with simple desire and without action.

If you have a desire or goal, make today your day to achieve. Take action!

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