A New Season of “I Used to be Fat” Begins October 11 on MTV

A new season of MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” starts October 11, 2011. This hit show had viewers glued to the screen last year as young adults embarked on intense life transformations.

The show is a documentary series highlighting overweight teenagers the summer before they start college. The profiled teens are desperate to shed pounds and are surprised by a fitness expert knocking at their door to help them accomplish their goals.

The teens go through intense fitness regimens and work alongside experts to learn how to make lifestyle changes. They also begin to understand the habits that caused them to gain so much weight in the first place.

These children also go through a mental transformation during their time with the trainers. Viewers will see how the teens begin to rapidly mature and start standing on their own two feet. The show experience helps many see for the first time that they must take charge of their life, or they will always struggle.

Each one hour episode takes an in depth look into a different student’s life. The camera will follow them from the last events of their high school career all the way to the first important days of college. Viewers see all the ups and downs each student goes through as they struggle to change their lifestyles and habits and lose the weight.

Each episode concludes with a look into the teen’s life after they’ve been in college for a few months. Viewers will see if they’ve kept the weight off and how they are managing their diets. One of the most encouraging elements of the conclusion is how their family reacts to seeing a transformed child after an intense summer of life changing activity.

“I Used to be Fat” is a very emotional and inspirational show for young and old alike.

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