Weight Loss News in Review – Week of September 20

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autism ribbonAutism Awareness Week

This week we featured several moms and experts all sharing their take on how nutrition and fitness play a positive role in managing their child’s autism. Learn more about the Feingold Diet, GFCF Diet, satisfying a finicky eater, the benefits of yoga, and even hear how a Biggest Loser family incorporates healthier habits for all of their kids!

Employer Forced to Pay for Obese Employee’s Weight Loss Surgery

A case affecting a small pizza establishment in Indiana is bound to have national implications, and add fuel to the fire of the growing health care debate.

Recommended Daily Protein Intake

Knowing how much is too much or even too little can be a problematic guessing game for even the most attentive dieter. Learn how much is just right for you, and some of the ideal protein sources.

Five Key Supplements for Good Health

Our Chief Mom explains the five supplements to include in your health regimen if you diet is helping you reach satisfactory levels.

Depression May Cut Cancer Survival

Research from the University of British Columbia has found that depression may hinder a cancer patient’s chances of survival.

Daily Burn’s Food Scanner iPhone App is an Essential Food Journal Tool

This is easily the hottest iPhone app out there, as it lets you scan the UPC code of packaged foods to access its complete food label and then record those nutrients into your food label. Calorie counting has never been so easy!

New Diet Reviews

This week DietsInReview.com reached a major milestone in publishing its 1000th diet review, proving once again we’re a reliable leader online for objective diet reviews. Our newest additions include:biggest loser simple swaps

Don’t see what you like? Try our brand-new Diet Finder to find the one that’s right for you.

New Diet Videos

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