The Warrior Diet Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

The Warrior Diet is a weight loss diet that emphasizes fasting during the day and eating just one meal during one’s off hours. It’s intended to mimic the way our ancestors ate to help provide maximum health benefits.

All the information about this diet is available in the official book. The major claim made is that our bodies have been formulated to control our own hunger. The belief is that during the stone age our ancestors worked all day and feasted at night to replenish their bodies. To eat like our ancestors did is effective according to this diet, since our bodies have been conditioned to eat like this. Our review experts have analyzed many weight loss diets and they’ve found the 18Shake Diet is the most effective. It’s made up of a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. To learn more information about the 18Shake Diet, click the link here.

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The Warrior Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

Only one meal is allowed per day, and it should be aligned to on when one finishes working. So whether day or night one is allowed to eat as soon as their work is finished. It’s also advised one should have a 4 to 6 hour eating window, with around 18 hours of fasting.

The belief is that regular eating patterns such as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner interrupt the nervous system, which causes fatigue and keeps people from staying alert and focused.

It’s also recommended to do the following:

  • Eat only foods that are certified organic.
  • Avoiding all kinds of processed foods. This includes canned goods and prepackaged goods.
  • Limit the use of plastic wrapped foods or containers. This is to reduce the risk of estrogenic compounds which are leeched into our foods. This is seen in the chemical BPA, which commonly lines plastic bottles.
  • Reducingalcohol consumption due to the effect it can have on liver health. The claim is that when alcohol is introduced it inhibits the livers natural effects on helping to reduce toxins in the body.
  • Use either a high fat or high carbohydrate diet or alternating. This is to help confuse the body and improve energy production during exercise.
  • Eating all carbohydratesduring the end of one’s meals. This is to optimize blood sugar stabilization.

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It’s also advised to stop eating once one feels more hungry rather than thirsty. The belief is that the body knows exactly when one is no longer hungry. An issue with this is that the body actually often mistakes being thirsty for being hungry, so it’s clear the body can be tricked into thinking it needs more food. Live confirms:

“When you do not drink enough water, your body receives mixed signals on hunger”

“Dehydration causes you to believe you need to eat when you really need liquid intake”

Another major issue with this diet is that it has not been proven that the body is optimized for eating just one meal a day.

Exercise is also an important part of this diet. Things like chin-ups, squats, punches, kicks, sprints, and other whole body workouts are preferred. Isolation exercises are not emphasized. It’s also advised to introduce short bursts f exercise between 20 minutes but no longer than 45 minutes. A CFT or Controlled fatigue training regimen is also recommended. This means one continues to exercise even when tired, this is to help promote a feeling of flight or flight. This is to minimize appetite as the body is in a state of fear instead.

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The Warrior Diet Quality of Ingredients

The diet does emphasize eating whole, organic foods and to implement a strict exercise regimen. This is fairly standard advice given to those looking to lose weight. While this is healthy, the idea that one should only eat a meal a day is not proven as an effective weight loss solution.

The diet claims it’s made to mimic how our ancestors ate, but this is not proven anywhere. No evidence is provided either to help show why implementing this type of diet would be best for health.

A study performed by the Beltsville human Nutrition Research Center which gave participants only a meal a day confirmed:

“modest changes occur in body composition”

“It remainsunclear whether altered meal frequency would lead to changes in weight and body composition in obese subjects”

This study shows that any changes in weight are small, and that this is likely due to it being harder to eat a full day’s worth of calories in one meal. This can also be difficult to uphold however, especially since one is expected to work without any food to provide energy. This can potentially lead to a lack of energy and fatigue.To see which weight loss diets were rated as the best overall, click on the link cited here.

The Price and Quality of The Warrior Diet

The book itself retails currently for $14.79 on Other prices also depend on the kinds of foods one chooses to eat.  It’s advised to avoid any processed foods and to eat organic foods. This can be incredibly costly, as organics are priced higher and are not as readily available as regular meats and produce.

This diet also advises one to alternate between high fat ahighcarbohydrate meals. Practicing this can be difficult as it calls for severe restrictions on macronutrients.

No evidence is ever provided by the creators of this diet which is necessary to determine if it’s actually beneficial. A lot of claims are made that have no science to back them up. This makes The Warrior Diet low quality. For a list of the highest ranked weigh loss diets, clickthe link provided.

Business of The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is outlined in the official book which was published by Ori Hofmekler, a self-proclaimednutrition and fitness expert. It’s unknown what kind of school degree he has to help prove this claim.

No evidence is provided in the official book to help suggest that eating like this would actually be healthy and safe. There are many claims made about how our ancestors ate, however, the body has gonethrough many changes and can adapt to different eating schedules. It’s unclear how this diet came to be, or what research went into the making of it.

Customer Opinions of The Warrior Diet

Here are some select quotes taken from customer reviews:

“If you like to lose weight, I don’t think this book will help you”

“It looks like nonsense and I perceive questionable historical accuracy”

“the worst of all gimmick diets”

“it asserts many things without evidence or even references”

People who understood the science of nutrition questioned the diets many claims. There was also confusion from people who felt that no real evidence is ever given; only suggestions that aren’t backed by proof.

Certain people also mentioned how they didn’t have the energy to fast during their work hours. Users added how it’s impossible to restrict calories which are an energy source, during the time when the body needs it more. Side effects were also experienced such as headaches, fatigue, loss of energy, and other ill feelings.

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How Does The Warrior Diet Compare?
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  • The Warrior Diet
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Conclusion – Does The Warrior Diet Work?

The Warrior Diet suggests eating natural, organic foods at only one meal a day. The recommended exercise and ban on processed foods is healthy, but the idea that one meal a day is optimal for health is not supported by any proof. There’s no evidence at all provided by the creator of the diet. This leaves no reason as to why one shouldtrust this eating plan. Studies have shown that there is little to no changes in weight via eating just a meal a day. It can be extremely hard to do, and is only likely to reduce weight due to it being difficult to overeat with one meal a day. The lack of evidence and difficulty of this diet make it a poor option for weight loss.

Our experts have found that he most effective weight loss diet is the 18Shake Diet. It offers a meal replacement shake made with high protein and fiber to suppress appetite for hours, as well as a fat burning diet pill. Customers have left glowing testimonials and reviews on the official website, showcasing how effective it is for weight loss.

The 18Shake Diet is also made without the use of stimulants, fillers, preservatives, colors, binders, or any artificial and cheap additives. A GMP certification ensures that it’s also made in a clean and safe 3rd party reviewed facility. For more information about the 18Shake Diet, click the link provided here.

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