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What is it?

Skinny Bunny Tea is a weight loss tea blend that claims it can revitalize, energize, rejuvenate, and reduce fatigue. There are2 versions, an AM caffeine versions and a PM caffeine free varieties.

Flavors like matcha green tea, citrus vanilla, lemon tea, chocolate, vanilla chai, and green tea jasmine are offered. The company website mentions that each tea is made from ingredients around the world, which have been added due to their rich nutrients. There’salso no GMO, dairy, gluten, or artificial additives either. Our review experts have reviewed many weight loss diets and the most effective was found to be the 18Shake Diet. It offers a fat burning diet pill free of stimulants, and a meal replacement that can suppress appetite for hours. Discover more about the benefits of the 18Shake Diet when you click the link here.

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Skinny Bunny Tea Ingredients and Side Effects

Featured below are some select ingredients used in the tea blends:

Spearmint Leaf Lemon Myrtle Rose Hips Tulsi Chamomile
Linden Leaf Rooibos Green Tea Leaf Lemongrass Ginger Root
Juniper Berries Pu-erh Black Tea Leaf Cinnamon Chips Oolong Leaf Black Pepper
Cloves Cardamom Stevia Leaf

Lemon Myrtle: This plant is used to help protect against bacteriaand fungus. Its oil is considered unsafe. It may also potentially lead to side effects such as:

  • Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Low blood pressure and blood circulation issues.

Rose Hip: The round portion of a rose that is used due to its vitamin C content. Processing this ingredient much like in this tea can destroy this vitamin. It may promote side effects including:

  • Insomnia, fatigue, and allergic reactions.
  • Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • Heartburn, stomach cramps, and headache.

Tulsi: Also known as Holy Basil, this plant is used to decrease swellingand inflammation, and it’s said to have antioxidant effects.

Web MD adds:

“It’s not known if long-term use is safe”

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Green Tea Leaf: This antioxidant rich tea contains caffeine and is used to improve immune function.  It’s claimed to help improve weight loss support. A review by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health mentions:

“There have been some case reports of liverproblems in people takingconcentrated green tea extracts”

“There are not enough reliable data to determine whether green tea can aid in weight loss”

Possible side effects may include:

  • Headaches, irritability, and mood swings.
  • Insomnia, restlessness, and fatigue.
  • Jitters, difficulty relaxing, and spasms.
  • Difficulty concentrating, muscle cramps and nausea.

Juniper Berries: These berries are used to reduce gas and the risk of inflammation. It’s also said to increase urine flow, fight viruses and bacteria. Web MD also adds:

“Taking juniper by mouth long-term or in a high dose is LIKELY UNSAFE as it can cause kidneyproblems, seizures, and other serious side effects”

Pu-erh Black Tea Leaf: This tea is made from the camelliasinensis plant which is also used to make green tea. It is used to lower bad cholesterol and it contains small amounts of caffeine.  It can promote side effects such as:

  • Tremors, irregular heartbeat, and spasms.
  • Confusion, convulsions, and heartburn.
  • Dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea.
  • Vomiting, restlessness, and fatigue.

Clove: Herb that has a unique flavor and is used to help reduce pain. The dried version of this can cause irritation and sensitivity in the mouth. It’s also known to potentially damage dental tissue.

Oolong Tea: This tea is fermented and contains stimulants in caffeine and theobromine. These compounds are used to help increase focus, energy, and to help boost metabolism.  It can potentially promote several side effects that include:

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, and nervousness.
  • Ringing in the ears, confusion, and convulsions.
  • Irritability, tremors, and difficulty concentrating.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.

Skinny Bunny Tea Quality of Ingredients

Many of these ingredients are commonly added to other tea blends. There’s caffeine in the AM version in unknown amounts. Both the AM and PM version have additives which can potentially cause unwanted side effects.

It’s also not a guaranteed weight loss solution. The only intended benefit this tea can have is getting rid of water weight and slightly boosting metabolism through stimulants. However, stimulants are not considered a long-lasting weight loss solution. They are known to build a tolerance in the body that recues their overall adds:

“Many of caffeine’s effect, including fat burning… are subject to tolerance, and may not occur in people used to caffeine, no matter how large the dose is”

Therefore the intended weight loss effects of Skinny Bunny Tea are likely not long lasting.

A list of the highest rated weight loss diets is made available via the link cited here.

The Price and Quality of Skinny Bunny Tea

A 28 day supply of both the AM and PM version of the tea combined costs $55. Sales are offered direct from the manufacturers. This is costly in comparison to other similar tea blends that use similar or even exact same ingredients.

The intended weight loss benefit of this is to reduce water weight and boost metabolism via stimulants. It’s known however thatthose stimulants only have a short lasting effect, and they can also promote side effects.

Due to the limited nature of this tea blend, it’s far too overpriced and unlikely to have long lasting weight loss benefits. Click the link cited for a list of the top ranked weight loss diets.

Business of Skinny Bunny Tea

The official name of the company is Skinny Bunny LLC; their contact information is listed as:


Phone Number: (805) 969-3630

Returns are only offered for a 14 day period after the item is purchased. So in the time of processing and shipping the 14 days are being used.

There are a total of 38 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. Customers had the following to say:

“Horrible service, seems like I’m not he only one with this issue”

“I am very disappointed with the lack of communication”

“feel this company is committing fraud”

“They charged my credit card, but I never received the product”

There were repeat issues that people had with trying to get their money back. People often had to keep contacting the company to try and figure out when they would get their purchased products.

Many also had complaints with the lack of helpful customer service. People who called in to talk to the representatives found that they didn’t gain any new information. There were constant complaints from unsatisfied customers who felt that the company is not running a legitimate business. For a comprehensivelist of the top ranked weight loss diets, click on the link here.

Customer Opinions of Skinny Bunny Tea

Here are some direct quotes taken from customer review:

“No difference noticed, no energy, no weight loss. Unsatisfied”

“got some energy, no other results, the plan was OK”

“Not nearly what I wanted. No results, and way too long to ship”

“Has given me more energy in the morning, but I’m a week in and so far haven’t lost any weight”

Many had issues with the lack of weight loss effects.  Some said that the effects were similar to any other tea. People did get an energy boost, but this is likely to happen with any amounts of caffeine. Other than an increase in energy the majority mentioned there was no weight loss benefit.

Often people added how there was nothing noticeable that can’t already be found in a similar tea.

How Does Skinny Bunny Tea Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Easy to follow
  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • Skinny Bunny Tea
  • 44 /100
Conclusion – Does Skinny Bunny Tea Work?

Skinny Bunny Tea is similar to other weight loss teas. It has a combined herbal blend of additives meant to either reduce water weight or increase metabolism. The intended benefit of the herbal blend is awholesome nutrient rich tea. While this can be healthy, the price is high and there are unknown amounts of stimulants. This can potentially lead to side effects, and it’s not known to be a long lasting weight loss solution. There are other similar tea blends which cost less but that aren’t branded. Still, many customers have failed to notice any change in weight loss. There were also repeat complaints about the company and a lack of customer service.

The highest ranked weight loss diet that our experts have found is known as the 18Shake Diet. It’s comprised of a meal replacement shake that suppresses appetite for hours, as well as a fat burning diet pill that increase metabolism. These two weight loss products are made without artificial additives, stimulants, binders, colors, or cheap ingredients.

Customer testimonials for the 18Shake Diet are also positive, with people experiencingnoticeable changes in weight. This combination of a meal replacement and diet pill maximize weight loss with natural ingredients. They can help to burn fat, reduce appetite, boost metabolism, and provide many other benefits. To learn more about the 18Shake Diet, click the link provided here.

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