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Sarah Palin’s Diet and Workout Regimen

It’s often said that our leaders should lead by example. That’s exactly what Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin is doing. One of the most striking things about Gov. Palin is how physically fit she is. Thanks to an active life and a healthy diet, even after five children, she looks great.

sarah palin

Palin grew up in a family of runners and has been doing so all her life. It’s her workout of choice. Pre-pregnancy, she enjoyed running anywhere from 7-10 miles each day; since giving birth to her son she is running about 3 miles every other day. During her pregnancy she switched to aerobics. She also says that she keeps dumbbells at home for weight training and that the best upper body workout is snowmobiling, which she and her family enjoy together.

Given her unique climate, where it can drop to 20 below, she often runs at midnight during the summer months and has to run in layers of fleece and tough trail shoes. Her current shoe of choice is the Nike Air Structure Triax.

As for eating, it’s a diet far more exotic that what we eat in the lower 48 states. She drinks a lot of water, and says her diet is “heavy in wild Alaskan seafood, moose, caribou and fresh fruit.”

Even the fittest people have their vices, and for Sarah Palin, it’s a  skinny white-chocolate mocha- her “staple in the morning.” She acknowledges breakfast is very important, but hasn’t yet “bought into it.”

This healthy lifestyle is sure to give her the stamina needed to fight hard on the campaign trail. Hope those red states have plenty of moose and caribou!

September 12th, 2008