Ruby Recap – Season Finale, Episode 2.10

ruby gettingerI don’t know about you, but this season went by so quickly! After ten episodes, we’ve fallen even harder for Ruby, and watched her overcome even greater obstacles than her weight. The season opened with the loss of her father, and the last week we saw her lose her beloved dog Lucy. Ruby says these events have left her feeling unmotivated and have caused her to fall off track. However, she didn’t completely lose control. In the past Ruby would have turned to a pot of spaghetti, as friend Georgia explained, but instead she’s using food to her advantage. When she gets those food cravings, she eats Glucerna’s bars and shakes, which are created especially for diabetics.

In a meeting with Dr. Bradley, Ruby is encouraged to visit a kids’ weight loss camp in the Pokonos. Ruby wants to help these kids curb their weight issues now before they end up in the same situation she is. She takes Georgia and Jeff with her, and they spend three fun-filled days with the campers. Ruby even considers wanting to be a full-time camper herself.

“This place is so awesome!” she says shortly after arriving. “I’ve only been here five minutes and I’m already playing volleyball. This plays means business.”

Everything at the camp translated to exercise, explained Jeff. And the three friends got in a lot of exercise with the young campers. They did volleyball, aerobics, table tennis, dancing, paddle boats and horseback riding. It was one of Ruby’s life-long dreams, and a horse named Moose made it come true! She was nervous at first, asking “Are you sure the horse can hold me?” Reassured, Ruby went on a trail ride and enjoyed it. Saying the experience was “unbelievable!”.

Ruby was also asked to give a presentation to the campers. She met with a co-ed group of students to get to know more about them and what they’re going through. She was nervous about the speech, but Georgia and Jeff knew she’d be inspirational. Ruby wants to get in the kids’ minds, let them know she is them, she is still in their shoes and still trying to beat it. She wants the kids to beat it now while they’re young.

You couldn’t help but feel empowered by Ruby sharing her dream list with the campers. She asked the kids to write their own dream lists and so many went up stood to read theirs:

  • Have people cheer for me for coming in first, not coming in last
  • Go to school a whole grade without someone making fun of me
  • Get to my goal weight and join a varsity team
  • Get Presidential Fitness Test under 9 minutes (was at 12)
  • Travel to all the continents and break three world records
  • Run in local triathlon
  • Be a U.S. senator
  • Go skydiving
  • Cross my legs when I sit
  • Be a better daughter and a better sister
  • Join Doctor’s Without Borders

“Don’t believe what other people tell you, believe in you,” Ruby encouraged.

Before leaving camp, Ruby has the season’s final weigh-in. Very disappointed, she finds that she’s gained two pounds since her last weigh-in. Ruby wraps the season at 357 pounds. But no less proud of her success so far.

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