Just 10 Pounds Weight Loss Challenge with Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz announces Just 10 Pounds ChallengeAt the beginning of this week, Dr. Oz announced his “Just 10 Pounds” weight loss challenge. Even if you need to lose more than 10 pounds, setting a small goal help you get there. “The benefits of losing just 10 pounds are enormous for your heart, liver, knees, pancreas and blood pressure. The incidence of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis can be cut in half,” Dr. Oz told That’s Fit. Short-term goals are just as important as long-term ones, particularly when maintaining a healthy weight can be a life-changing decision.

The “Just 10 Pounds” comes with five commandments for getting that weight off. You can sign up for the weight loss challenge on Dr. Oz’s website, with has resources and advice from trainer Gunnar Peterson and nutritionist Dr. Ro, and of course Dr. Oz himself.

“I want season two of the Dr. Oz Show to be the season when you did more than watch,” says Dr. Oz. “I want it to be the season you lost just 10 pounds.”

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