Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Hair Metal Mix

I am a record collector (yes, actual records), and in the midst of my rabid accumulation of those glossy platters, I have come to fully accept the fact that I am thoroughly enjoying a renewed interest in my ’80s teenage metal years.

I could be accused of going through a mini mid-life crisis, and who knows, maybe it’s true. I have no intention of breaking out the old acid washed jeans and high tops. But I am enjoying a trip down memory lane.

I’ve gone through the music snob thing over the last 20 years, rejecting my metal past. But, even though I still love much of the music that gets drooled over by people in the highfalutin music criticism world, I’ve found that the care-free unpretentious music of my youth is a blast to revisit.

The moral of the story?

If you find that music puts you in a great mood, there’s a good chance it will put you in the right state of mind to get in a great workout. Now, this list is more of a compilation of personal favorites than collecting the predictable greatest hits always compiled on those late night infomercial CDs. But, if you’re like me and came of age in the ’80s, maybe some of these will ring a bell (some of them aren’t hair metal in the strictest sense):

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Hair Metal Mix

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1. Ratt – You’re In Love

2. Guns n’ Roses – Rocket Queen

3. Van Halen – Girl Gone Bad

4. Kix – Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

5. Pretty Maids – Future World

6. Dokken – Tooth And Nail

7. Whitesnake – Still Of The Night

8. Tesla – 2 Late 4 Love

9. David Lee Roth – Two Fools A Minute

10. Queensryche – Gonna Get Close To You

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