Foods that Rot Are Healthy [VIDEO]

Healthy Foods RotMuch buzz has gone on surrounding The Happy Meal project, an effort to show how unhealthy McDonald’s food really is by documenting how long a McDonald’s hamburger can go without rotting. But what does this idea mean for healthy foods? Natural, healthy foods are part of nature’s cycle. If humans don’t eat them, then other organisms will. Foods that don’t go bad after long periods of time are generally not good for weight loss or your health. There are a few notable exceptions, like honey.

This time-lapse video clip from the BBC shows what healthy food looks like after only a few days. Dr. Yan of Bang Goes the Theory narrates with an explanation of how the food rots. Veggies mold, while meat and fruit get consumed by flies and other insects.

While the video is quite gross, it does present an interesting juxtaposition to the nearly identical photos of The Happy Meal project. One viewer even suggested that watching the video can help your diet by making you lose your appetite.

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