Food Find: TrueNorth’s New Nut Clusters and Nut Crisps

true north citrus burst nut clustersEvery time you run to the grocery store, it seems like a new snack item has found its way to the shelves of chips, crackers, granola bars and other sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, ooey or gooey eats. But like many of these snack treats, they are little more than nutrient-less fillers that contain a hefty slug of sugar, refined flours, and trans-fats. One such company that is committed to making snacks that are as good for you as they are good to eat is TrueNorth. This division of Frito-Lay first came out with its 100 percent natural snacks in 2008 with Pecan-Almond-Peanut Clusters, Almond Clusters, Pistachio Crisps and Almond Crisps.

Just this past month, they added three new yummy and healthy snacks: Apple-Cinnamon Nut Clusters, Citrus Burst Nut Clusters and Almond-Cranberry Nut Crisps. TrueNorth provided us with a few samples of their latest natural eats and here’s what we thought:

Apple-Cinnamon Nut Clusters: With roasted almonds and peanuts combined with chunks of chewy dried apple chunks and a sprinkling of earthy cinnamon, these crunchy clusters packed a delish combination of sweet and salty. One, one-ounce serving (about five clusters) has 170 calories, 12 grams of fat, three grams of fiber, five grams of protein and a nice dose of Vitamin E and magnesium.

Citrus Burst Clusters: A more vibrant take on the usual almond nut cluster, these chunks contain a mixture of roasted nuts, dried cranberries and orange peels. The tangy chewiness of the dried fruits compliment the crunchiness of the peanuts and almonds making each square is a fusion of textures. One, one-ounce serving (about five clusters) has 170 calories, 11 grams of fat, three grams of fiber, five grams of protein and a nice dose of Vitamin E and magnesium.

While we LOVED these new nut clusters, we do have one strong comment of caution: You can’t just eat one serving. In fact, we tore threw one entire bag in just a few minutes. Five squares for 170 calories is a pretty decent snack, calorically-speaking, but in terms of quantity, you really need to ration out your serving size and stick to it, or else you’ll be grabbing for nut fragments, some 850 calories later.

The Almond Cranberry Crisps: These crackers on the other hand were yummy: Light, crispy, kind of sweet, kind of chewy and at 130 calories per 15 crisp serving, we felt much less anxious about eating a second serving.

Look for these new TrueNorth products in the snack and nut aisles of your grocery store. Each one costs about $3.29 per bag. And don’t forget to print off a coupon from the company’s website for extra savings.

Happy Snacking!

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