Fever: A Hot New Wellness Beverage

fever drinkEnergy drinks are selling like wildfire. People who prefer to get their perk from a soft drink rather than a coffee cup are downing energy drinks in droves. But, now there’s a new twist on pick-me-up beverages: stimulant drinks. On the surface, it doesn’t sound much different. But, stimulation beverages are designed to enhance sexual desire and performance, balance the central nervous system and create a feeling of euphoria.

Ahh, happiness in a bottle.

Fever is a little different than the average energy boosting drink. In fact, it seems that Fever Beverage USA is marketing their drink with bolder ambitions – as a “wellness beverage” that promotes a “feeling of pleasure and euphoria” and is supposed to naturally enhance your bodily functions throughout the day.

Fever Beverage USA says their “ultimate pleasure beverage” has a detoxifying, organic form of energy elixir that is full of antioxidants. And to top it all off, Fever comes in several tasty mixed flavors: kiwi/strawberry, mango/banana/coconut, and strawberry/pineapple.

“Fever is not another energy drink,” says Delmond Newton, founder and CEO of Fever Beverage USA. “It is a stimulation beverage. This is a brand new category.”

Here’s a list of some of the most pertinent ingredients from the 14-oz soft drink:

  • Forcosamide (rich in antioxidants, a natural source of potassium and calcium, supports intimacy for men and women)
  • Guarana (stimulant with caffeine)
  • Glycarin (an all-natural antioxidant-rich phyto-aphrodisiac)
  • Trilignol (promotes pleasurable thoughts and in Brazilian herbal medicine acts as an aphrodisiac for both sexes)
  • Pfaffia Paniculata Martius Kunz (an antioxidant, adaptogen and an energy and rejuvenating tonic)
  • Clavo Huasca (a libido booster for both men and women)
  • Damiana Leaf (strengthens of nervous system, and enhances sexual pleasure)
  • Panax Ginseng (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant)
  • Green Tea (antioxidant with energy boosting and fat burning capabilities, contains caffeine)

Fever Beverage USA stocks their “stimulation drinks” in General Nutrition Centers (GNC).

(via: Health News & Energy Fiend)

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