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23 Ways to Keep Fast Food in Your Diet

That’s the headline from While it’s probably not the best advice to essentially say “Hey, going to fast food restaurants is okay,” it’s impractical to think it will be eliminated from most people’s diet. There are well over 70,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S. – they lurk around every corner. Our lives are busy, which makes the 10 minute stop at the drive-thru all the more food

The main reason that recommending fast food options is a bit dicey is because the temptations are mighty strong when you drive up to the menu and get a whiff of the burgers and fries emanating from the restaurant.

But warnings aside, if you do make a dash for your favorite burger joint, here are 23 ways to make the best of it. Many of the points are common sense, but there may be a few surprises that can help you minimize your calorie intake.

Here are a few of our favorites:
1. Ask for extra lettuce, onion and tomatoes. Loading up on more veggies never hurt anyone!

2. Order unsweetened tea, or bottled water. It’s always better to pass on the sugar-saturated soda (even the diet versions).

3. Always say no to the special sauce. The food should taste good without adding more calories.

4. Order the kids meal… for yourself! You’d be surprised, it can actually be quite filling.

5. Order skinless chicken. The skin is a calorie- and fat-packed powerhouse.

6. Make a supermarket your fast food restaurant. Most have salad bars and delis. Grab fruit, yogurt, bottle of water and something for your main course.

7. Look for ways to sneak in fiber. That means, get the baked potato with skin, bowl of chili, bean burrito, baked beans, corn and of course whole-grain breads.

September 16th, 2008