The One Minute Diet Tip to Stop From Losing Control

Guest bloggers, Kenneth Schwarz PhD and Julie North Schwarz are the authors of Maria’s Last Diet and Breaking Up with Food. Dr. Kenneth Schwarz is a psychologist and psychoanalyst specializing in personal change and goal achievement. Julie North Schwarz writes about the non-food issues related to women’s weight loss. For more help with the psychological side of dieting, visit their website: Maria’s Last Diet.

It takes less than a minute to blow a diet. Here’s how to stay on your diet. It only takes one make-or-break minute.

Here are four simple ways to stop losing control.

1. Slow down
People get into diet trouble when they act on impulse. You are probably in the habit of reaching for food instantly, without thinking. It might be a reaction to something painful, hard, or annoying. It might be a response to feeling proud, or relieved. But reaching for food automatically can render you helpless, a creature of habit. You can change this by simply slowing down. You don’t need to take a hot bath or go for a walk. Just slow down, take a moment. That’s all.

2. Think
Take a look around. Where are you? Who else is there? Is there something disturbing you? What do you need here? Highlight the problem of the moment and you won’t be a victim of your habit.

3. Open your mind
Don’t censor these thoughts. There might be things you don’t know you think about. Maybe some are not such nice thoughts. Maybe you’re angry. Maybe you’re feeling bad about yourself. Maybe a sad thought will pop up. Let thoughts come without closing your mind. They will hurt you much more if you ignore them.

4. Pay attention
Now that you’ve let your thoughts run freely, pay attention. They will help you understand why you are teetering on the brink of blowing your diet. Pay attention even if they are small ideas and don’t seem significant to you. It doesn’t take a big thought to throw you. The tiniest thought can be key to understanding.

You will be amazed at how well this one-minute manager works. Use it again and again for diet success.

Remind yourself next time you are about to blow that die, to S-T-O-P.

1. Slow down
2. Think
3. Open your mind
4. Pay attention

Try it out. It only takes a minute.

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