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What is it?

Tenuate is a weight loss prescriptiondiet pill used to suppress appetite via its stimulant formula. It’s only available for short term use, and it’s similar in nature to amphetamine.

It works by stimulating the nerves and brain, increasing heart rate and blood pressure.  Since it can produce strong effects, a doctor’s recommendation is highly advised. When using this drug, it’s important to introduce diet and exercise, as it’s intended to help promote lifestyle changes in the future, it’s not meant for repeat use. You’ll learn about the possible side effects, customer reviews, and what one can expect in this full Tenuate review. The list of the top 10 diet pill supplements is made available here.

Tenuate Ingredients and Side Effects
Diethylpropion Hydrochloride Corn Starch Lactose Magnesium Stearate
Pregelatinized Corn Starch Talc Tartaric Acid

Diethylpropion Hydrochloride: Stimulant drug only prescribed in severely obese people who cannot lose weight via exercise and diet alone. It’s required to follow a doctor’s advice, and to introduce diet and exercise.According to Web MD:

“It is not known how this medication helps people to lose weight”

It’s thought to be potentially effective for appetite suppression. It can potentially lead to side effects that include:

  • Insomnia, dizziness, and dry mouth.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Constipation, high blood pressure, and feelings of illness.
  • Agitation, mood swings, and hallucinations.
  • Nervousness, seizure, and vision changes.
  • Heart problems, lung issues, and hypertension.
  • Swelling in the ankles and feet, difficulty breathing, and tightness in the chest.
  • Black tar like stools, chills, and convulsions.
  • Severe cough, fainting, and headaches.
  • Inability to speak, depression, and painful urination.

Numerous other possible side effects have been found in users and through clinical studies. Ingredients like these have to be thoroughly tested for years in order for them to be allowed into public use. The kinds of side effects seen are similar in nature to other amphetamine like drugs. Our experts reviewed the top rated diet pills, which can be found via the link found here.

Certain side effects require immediate medical attention, as it can be signs of a much larger problem.People with certain conditions are advised not to use this ingredient; it may have severe complications which can damage health long term. It can even be fatal to take this drug when one has certain medical issues.

It’s also not advised to suddenly stop taking it, as it may cause serious complications due to its ability to cause addiction. Amphetamine like drugs are known to cause a buildup in the body, which when suddenly stopped can cause serious issues.

Addiction is also a concern as well as withdrawal symptoms. Since it has effects similar to amphetamine, it can create the same type of addictive response. If one does not lose at least 4 pounds of weight within 4 weeks it’s advised to stop taking it.

This sole active ingredient is only intended to be taken for a short period. It’s meant to help create behavior changes so one can sustain a lifestyle change in the future. There has yet to be a link between this and any other weight loss benefits such as increased metabolism or calorie burning.

Drugs.com also adds a warning:

“Taking Tenuate in combination with other diet pills or appetite suppressants can cause serious or life threatening medical problems”

They also advise:

“Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be alert and able to see clearly”

Many important considerations need to be taken into account before considering use of this amphetamine like drug. Not only does one have to follow a doctor’s strict recommendation, but one has to be aware of any side effects that are signs of a bigger problem.The highest rated diet pills have been compiled in a top 10 list found here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

 Tenuate Quality of Ingredients

Tenuate6 of the 7 ingredients are inactive and have no weight loss potential. They’re only added to help provide texture and to make swallowing these pills easier.

The sole active ingredient is a stimulant drug which is only meant for short term use. It may cause severe side effects, and it is an amphetamine like drug which produces similar effects as harsh drugs.

Because of its potentially damaging nature, it’s a schedule 4 drug according to the DEA.  According to the label:

“Abuse of the drug… may lead to limited physical dependence of psychological dependence”

This is why one has to take this drug in close watch of a dedicatedmedical professional, and only for a short period. It’s been shown to potentially cause addiction and withdrawal effects. A lot of the weightloss has to come through one implementing diet and exercise.

The only known benefit of this ingredient is to help with appetite suppression, not with calorie burning or metabolism increase. This makes it not only a poor choice, but a potentially harmful additive.  It’s not a very well rounded ingredient for weight loss.

Certain conditions and medical issues can be cause for concern, as it may be a sign that the drug is producing damaging effects. Much like other amphetamines, even in short term use there can be serious cardiovascular problems.

The top 10 list featured here has the top 10 diet pill supplements.

The Price and Quality of Tenuate

The price for a 30 tablet bottle can vary depending on where it is purchased. One drugs site shows it can sell for around $25, though this depends on location and whether or not one has insurance.

There are many similar amphetamines like drugs which will often sell for the same price. No money back guarantee is offered, and effects can vary from person to person.

There have been many complaints as well, as you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Tenuate” section, many failed to see any weight loss benefits. The common concern was that people only felt difficult side effects that made using Tenuate difficult.

The possibility forserious side effects and addiction make this a potentially unsafe option for weight loss. One is paying just for one active ingredient that is similar in nature to amphetamine. The only effect is to help suppress appetite, exercise and dieting is what is required to help one lose weight. A list of the top 10 diet pill supplements is featured when you click here.

 Business of Tenuate

The creators go by the name of Patheon Pharmaceuticals. They can be found via the following:

Phone Number: (919) 226-3200

Address: 4815 Emperor Blvd Suite 300

Durham, North Carolina 27703

The company is a giant pharmaceutical group that has been around since 1974.

The FDA also sent them a warning letter about the lack of cleanliness in one of their manufacturing facilities.  The full details of the letter are unknown, but it was sent as what’s known as a Form 483. This means that the FDA noticed there were issues, and that they gave the company some time to correct their mistakes. A list of the highest rated diet pills is featured via the top 10 best.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using weight loss pills for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Tenuate

Here are some direct quotes from users of Tenuate:

“Can’t tell any difference in my appetite or energy level”

“Side effect are severe headaches, de-hydration, difficulty sleeping, hands shaking”

“had to stop because I was experiencing extremely dry mouth and lower back pain”

“Honestly didn’t like Tenuate, just didn’t work, it made me feel awful just had to stop”

Major side effects were a constant issue according to customers. Some failed to see any weight loss benefit, and there were people who actually gained weight by up to 15 pounds.

The kinds of side effects people experienced included headaches, nausea, difficulty relaxing, insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, rapid heart rate, and much more.

Those who failed to lose weight also mentioned they made sure to diet and exercise, but no results were felt.

In some cases people found it difficult to concentrate and continue daily tasks. There were problems with feelings of agitation, and a lack of relaxation.

How Does Tenuate Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Tenuate
  • 44 /100
Conclusion – Does Tenuate Work?

When considering a brand like Tenuate it’s important to look over all the available information. Many users added how they didn’t like how they felt while on this drug, and there were several who failed to see any weight loss benefits. This drug requires strict medical supervision, and it’s only meant to provide short term effects. Most of the effort has to be done through dieting and exercising on one’s own. No money back guarantee is offered, and this drug may producesevere side effects which have been listed repeatedly according to clinical studies and customer reviews.

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Sletrokor is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you want to make a return, it’s allowed with no questions asked. To learn more about Sletrokor click the link provided here.

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    My doctor dislike this product this company shake is bogus. My friend Linh had a bad effect to this bogus product with problems in digestive system and had an issue with a money back.

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