New Workouts like RussYoga Defy Gravity

If you thought that wrapping yourself in a yoga pretzel pose was intimidating, fitness classes all over the country are filled with Cirque de Soleil style moves that promise to tone, sculpt and reconnect you with your inner toddler.russyoga

From trapeze classes to rope classes, some of the biggest exercise clubs in the country are jam-packed with devotees who are swinging, twirling and flying through the air with the help of a few harnesses, nets and swings.

These new classes combine acrobatics with yoga and pilates moves. Similar to these classes is a newly- created yoga called RussYog, or “Rope Yoga,” started by Teresa and Jasprit Singh. RussYog uses ropes and poles to develop core strength, enhance flexibility and tone muscles.

Whereas RussYog primarily uses two ropes attached to a metal pole, other classes that are cropping up from New York City to Los Angeles use additional props like ropes, trapezes, hammocks and other suspension devices.

Just one look at a few images from this new trend of workouts either inspires you to unleash your inner Mary Lou Retton or makes you cower in fear and trepidation.

Check with your local gyms, workout facilities and yoga studios to find a class near you.

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