Money Hungry’s Chubby Chasers Game in Episode 3 Recap

Welcome to another installment of “As the World Tur….” Wait, wrong show? Oh yeah, Vh1’s Money Hungry! This week in the house things got heated from the get go.

Back from the elimination the other teams quickly figure out that it was Team No Excuses who changed our votes last week to try and backdoor team Grading Curves.

Because the house is so split this week, the challenge becomes greatly important. The challenged, called “Chubby Chasers,” is essentially a circular race track placed within a bull riding ring. Inside the track are five big ramps that you must run up and over, on your way to catching the team ahead of you.

Team Mission Slimpossible won the first heat and Team No Excuses won the second heat. Mission Slimpossible caught No Excuses pretty quickly in the second race to gain immunity. Team Double Chocolate lost the first race and Team Flabulous lost the second race. Despite a valiant effort from Phillip, Double Chocolate caught Flabulous putting them on the chopping block.

Mission Slimpossible was playing hard on the strategy angle, trying to flip any team they could to vote for No Excuses. In the end though, it was some conversation in the hot tub overheard by the Regulators that cemented the vote this week.

Regulators are pretty laid back guys until you upset them, and then WATCH OUT!

We see all the teams working hard leading up to the weigh-in. The numbers are kind of low this week with some teams pulling only five or six pounds. Flabulous pulls a 10-pound loss for a 1.60%, setting the mark for the week. There is a two-way tie putting No Excuses and Rocker Moms also on the block. No Excuses pulls a 12-pound loss for 1.98%, and is safe. Rocker Moms are the last to weigh in, pulling six pounds for only 1.32%. Rocker Moms are sent home this week.

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