Money Hungry Gets Down to Game Play in Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode of Money Hungry begins, we see quite a few of the contestants exercising and singing a little song. We hear about how well everyone is getting along and how tight the house is – talk about foreshadowing.

Watch the full recap video to hear my take on everything that happened in this episode, including the low-down on my crush on Jamie!

A note from Dan Cortese brings things back to the reality that this is indeed still a competition. At the first challenge we have to push a GIANT ball (6-feet in diameter) up a ONE THOUSAND foot hill, or as GL Douglas from Double Chocolate refers to it, “A Wall”.

We learn that the team who wins will receive immunity, as well as be able to give one other team immunity. On the flip side the team that comes in last in the challenge will be on the chopping block, up for elimination. Joining the losing team will be a team decided by a house vote.

The Pair of Nuts win the challenge, with Mission Slimpossible and No Excuses shortly behind them. Bringing up the rear of the pack is Flabulous, Roll Models and Double Chocolate. The real race was at the back of the pack where it looked as if Flabulous would be on the chopping block until a gust of wind took Double Chocolate’s ball back down the hill, dooming them to being in danger.

Back at the house the gameplaying begins, with lots of the teams vying to get Roll Models out of the house. The claws come out as personal insults are said behind people’s backs. At the weigh-in we find out that the Roll Models received six votes, and the Grading Curves five votes. Double Chocolate manages to win the weigh-in against Roll Models, sending them packing.

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