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What is it?

MetaboLife Ultra is a weight loss diet pill made with clinically studied ingredients meant to reduce BMI and inches off one’s waist. It’s intended to be more effective than just exercise and dieting alone.

There are claims that studies of ingredients in MetaboLife Ultrashowed it helped with 3 times more weight loss than regular diet and exercise alone, a loss of a pants size in 8 weeks, 3 times the reduced BMI, and that people lost 8 extra pounds than a standard change in exercise and diet. This review will go over the possible side effects, whether or not it can truly help with weight loss, what customers had to say, and much more. A top 10 list of the highest ranked diet pill supplements is made available in this link.

MetaboLife Ultra Ingredients and Side Effects
Sodium Potassium Calcium Garcinia Cambogia Extract (SuperCitrimax) Meratrim
Caffeine Modified Cellulose Stearic Acid Croscarmellose Sodium Dextrin
Silica Titanium Dioxide Polyethylene Glycol Soy Lecithin Dextrose
Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose FD&C Red #40 Sodium Citrate FD&C Blue #2

Meratrim:This patented ingredient combines Garcinia mangostana, and Sphaeranthus Indicus. Garcinia mangostana is a fruit that is nutritionally weak in nutrients. Web MD also states:

“There is no scientific information about whether mangosteen works for any medical condition”

It is also unknown what kinds of effects it may have with repeat use.

Sphaeranthus Indicus is an herb that’s claimed to have many benefits. has refuted these claims by stating:

“not having a large usage in society or sufficient testing”

“not having sufficient evidence to support its usage”

Meratrim is the combination of these 2 ingredients. It has been studied by the creators, and in their studies they had people walk 30 minutes a day for 5 days. Also, they were limited to a 2,000 calorie a day diet. Though these studies did show weight loss, the fact that they were run by the makers could mean there is bias.

Since clinical studies on the individualingredients have not proven for there to be a weight loss effect, it’s unknown how the combination would produce any effects. There’s also a lack of information about what kinds of effects are possible with long term use.

The overall safety is unknown.  Since very few studies have been performed, it’s also not known what optimal and safe dosage strength would be. Safe options for weight loss are possible via the top 10 ranked diet pills list.

Caffeine: At 100 mg per serving, at a full serving MetaboLife Ultra has 300 mg of this common stimulant. This ingredient stimulates the central nervous system, and it’s used to increase metabolism and provide focus.

It can potentially lead to numerous side effects such as:

  • Rapid heart rate, cardiovascular problems, and jitters.
  • Cold sweats, rapid muscle movement, and twitches.
  • Vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.
  • Feelings of illness, mood swings, and irritability.
  • Withdrawal affects, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Insomnia, restlessness, and depression.

Caffeine is not considered a very long lasting or effective solution for weight loss. adds:

“habitual caffeine use leads to tolerance which dulls several of caffeine’s effects”

They also add that the only effect seen with repeat use is sleep loss. Caffeine is often found in diet pill supplements as a cheap way to increase metabolism and provide energy. Certain people may be sensitive to this ingredient, and it’s often recommended not to mix it with other stimulant sources.

Since a full daily serving of MetaboLife Ultra has 300 mg, taking 100 mg more would equal the daily advised limit for caffeine.

Any more can result in an increase of several unwanted side effects according to health organizations like the Mayo Clinic.

FD&C Red #40:Artificial food dye added to give these pills a red tint. Concern was spread that this ingredient could cause ADHD like symptoms, and it was once banned in Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, and France due to health concerns.

FD&C Blue #2:This dye is extracted from petroleum, and it’s often added to processed foods. A study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found that it lead to abnormal cell growth and brain cancer.

Much like FD&C Red #40, it has no weight loss benefits and it may contribute to side effects.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

MetaboLife Ultra Quality of Ingredients

MetaboLife UltraThere are food dyes and a total of 13 inactive ingredients, with only 6 active ingredients. Most of these additives can already be found in natural foods, and there’s no need to further supplement with them. Adding more does not increase the possibility for weight loss.

The key active ingredient in caffeine is not only potentially unsafe, but not proven to be an effective weight loss solution. It quickly builds a tolerance in the body, and it can promote side effects especially when it’s mixed alongside other stimulants.

Meratrim has only been studied by a group who makes it, so there’s a potential for bias.  Though the ingredients in Meratrim have been studied individually, and they have not been shown to be effective for weight loss.

Finally Garcinia Cambogia is an effective weight loss ingredient, but since the rest of the additives are poor, this makes MetaboLife Ultra a weak diet pill for weight loss.

There are far too many concerns and not enough in this formula to suggest strong weight loss is possible. Repeat use of it will likely be dulled due to the caffeine added which is not considered a long term weight loss ingredient. The list provided here has the top 10 ranked diet pills.

The Price and Quality of MetaboLife Ultra

Sales price can vary on where it is purchases from. One online retailer sells a 45 capsule bottle for $24.99. At the advised 3 a day, one bottle lasting 15 days has a daily price of $1.66.

Caffeine can easily be substituted for cheaper, though it’s not a very effective ingredient for weight loss. The added calcium, potassium, and sodium are also found naturally in foods.

Meratrim has not been proven effective in unbiased studies. The only ingredient shown to be effective is Garcinia Cambogia the rest is either ineffective or potentially unsafe.

There’s also the use of 2 food colorings which is a sign of a poor diet pill. These ingredients have no weight loss benefit and they can be potentially harmful in small amounts.The top 10 ranked list features diet pill supplements which can help promote weight loss.

 Business of MetaboLife Ultra

The owners of this brand go by the name of Twinlab Corporation. They can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (800)645-5626

Address: 600 East Quality Drive

American Fork, Utah 84003

The original owners were once Metabolife until they went bankrupt. They were caught lying to the FDA about the effects of one of their ingredients, which was shown to be potentially life threatening.

The new owners have also had issues with the FDA. The company once went bankrupt as well.

The FDA has sent them multiple warnings. They were told to stop making false health claims about their supplements. The letter states:

“we do not believethat these claims are substantiated”

Their websites had many claims that one could lose weight and keep lean muscle mass.

Another notice was sent which warned the company to stop using a drug inside one of their supplements due to health concerns.  This drug was only given via prescription, and it was unknown why Twinlab decided to add it to their supposed all natural formula.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using weight loss pills for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of MetaboLife Ultra

Here are some customer reviews found online:

“I certainly did not notice appetite suppression”

“I have tried this and it does not work”

“I used this for almost a month and felt very weird the whole time”

“It actually made me sick to my stomach”

Some people did notice an increase in energy, but there were also issues with jitters, insomnia, and rapid heart rate.

Many were unimpressed and found it to be nothing more than a caffeine pill. A total of 27 critical reviews are found on their page.Click on the link here to see a list of the top 10 ranked diet pills.

How Does MetaboLife Ultra Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • MetaboLife Ultra
  • 44 /100
Conclusion – Does MetaboLife Ultra Work?

When looking at MetaboLife Ultra it’s important to look at the customer reviews, possible side effects, and the quality of ingredients. The majority of ingredients have no weight loss purpose, and there’s also artificial food dyes which may trigger side effects. Then there’s the added caffeine which may cause symptoms. The only ingredients which are active and natural are Meratrim and Garcinia Cambogia. The ingredients in Meratrim have not been shown to be effective for weight loss in any unbiased study.

The 2016 diet pill of the year was awarded to Sletrokor. Inside of it is all natural plant extracts with no added stimulants, fillers, binders, or any unwanted ingredient. It’s made to help suppress appetite, increase metabolism, improve digestion, enhance mood, and provide many other benefits. Customers have also left glowing testimonials on their website showing weight loss benefits.

Sletrokor is also backed by a full risk free 30 day money back guarantee. Returns are allowed for any reasons with no questions asked within 30 days. To learn more about Sletrokor, click the link provided here.

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