How Stephanie Paul Lost 140 Pounds

Stephanie Paul has lost 140 pounds through sensible dieting and exercise. Her weight loss story inspires others to lose weight and make long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes. stephanie paul weight loss

My name is Stephanie Paul and I have lost 140 pounds. I was 18-years-old when I started and now I am 21. It was definitely a journey.

As a young child I was tiny and then went on steroids when I was 7-years-old due to a health condition. I grew up a happy child and ate a lot of foods I shouldn’t have eaten. I became an obese child and let food take over my life. I ate when I was happy, sad, and any other emotion that I was feeling. I used to get made fun of in school. To me, I felt nothing wrong with eating high calorie meals and snacks.

I started getting sick of being obese and after my grandmother died of cancer I had to change something about that. I started counting calories and eating healthy. When you start measuring what you eat you figure out that you were eating too much all the time.

The pounds were coming off once I started watching what I was eating. I started using the state of the art gym at my college three times a week. I started feeling better, soon enough fitting into smaller clothes. I also enjoyed my life; I lived the life of a college student of going out and having fun. I even did the one thing most people on diets find very bad, I ate cake on my own birthday!

My journey kept continuing and it wasn’t easy. I hit bumps in the road and know how it feels to go through ups and downs. “Giving up” were never words in my vocabulary through this journey. I had a lot of motivation and support that came from my family and friends. It is not easy being on a diet, but you have to be ready to lose the weight! You can do anything you put your mind to do!

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