Health Buzz: Women Who Give Up Sex, Signs You’re a Health Nut and the Salad Potluck

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Lessons Learned from Eat Pray Love

Julia Roberts’ much-anticipated new movie Eat, Pray, Love, based on the non-fiction book of the same name, released August 13. Julia plays Elizabeth Gilbert who travels Italy, India and Bali in search of herself, and teaches some valuable health lessons along the way.

50 Percent of Women Would Give up Sex to Not Gain Weight

In recent research published as the Nutrisystem Diet Index, they reveal that half of women would give up sex for a summer if it meant they could avoid gaining ten pounds; 25 percent of men echoed this statement. It’s a sign that we’re becoming more motivated to avoid weight gain.

Try an Office Salad Potluck

At the office at the Brooklyn Creative League, we join an office potluck each week that features salad as the main entree. It’s a healthier way to socialize with our colleagues. Give it a try!

Video Series: How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

Featured on Yahoo! Buzz this week, our Chief Mom Carmen Staicer explains in four brief videos how to pack a lunchbox that’s just as edible for kids and is more nutritionally satisfying for moms!

Denny’s Diet Disaster: Fried Cheese Melt

With an estimate 1,900 calories for this new diner meal, it’s no wonder America continues to become more obese. Surely we don’t need to tell you that a grilled cheese stuffed with fried cheese sticks served with fries is a health no-no.

Nike Embraces Big Butts – Do You?

It seems the ad we published is a fake republish of a campaign Nike did a few years back. Nevertheless, it’s certainly got people talking about fitness, beauty, and what defines those for a woman.

Exercise Addiction is Too Much of a Good Thing

Our new fitness contributor, Kelly Turner, discusses how some people take their physical fitness to dangerous extremes. Just as with food, balancing moderation is key for an overall healthy lifestyle.

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