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Get Sculpted Shoulders like an Olympian in One Easy Move


We all would love to have defined shoulders like many of the Olympic athletes we have been watching. But most of us don’t have the time or discipline to train like they do. Don’t worry though: U.S. Olympic basketball player Candace Parker has a simple and fabulous move that anyone can do, even from your bedroom. Just look at how beautiful and sculpted this WNBA star looks!

Candace Parker's shoulders

Try this move and see the changes in your deltoids.

Lie face-down on your bed and “swim” the freestyle and breast strokes for thirty seconds at a time. Repeat three times. Gradually, see if you can “swim” for longer and notice the difference in the definition and strength of your muscles and shoulders after performing this exercise for a few weeks.

This one move from Parker keeps her shoulders looking sleek and in awesome shape, even when she is on the road and doesn’t have access to sophisticated gym equipment.

Parker’s shoulder move was featured in the August issue of Self magazine.

August 18th, 2008