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Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 8 – Step it Up!

Last week Courtney pushed you outside of your comfort zone, and this week she’s pushing you in to a cardio zone! You guys asked for more activity and you’re getting it, in the form of step ups.

She’s not prescribing a set amount of step ups to complete each day, although she does recommend a set of 10. She is asking that you practice what you learned last week in the challenge yourself challenge and push yourself beyond your limits a bit. If you can easily knock out 10, do a couple more. Courtney says there are “no excuses,” because you can do step ups virtually anywhere. Try a step stool, a curb, stairs, or even a park bench. Just get them done!

One participant this week will be rewarded with a cooler full of Wholly Guacamole, our sponsor, and a DIR T-Shirt.

Check out the live Yackit video chat event with Courtney from last week.

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August 8th, 2011